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personal "simile is not metaphor" alarm

Avoid One Embarassing Social Faux Pas - Focus on Mastering Others
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A small device that mounts on the torso, which alerts the user of a mis-reported simile, and applies a 250V shock of relatively mild amperage (5 farad capacitors avoided for additional cost savings).

Recommended for literalists, humanists, and John. :)

TheirS'more, Dec 28 2001


       I'm sorry; I want to understand this. What is a "mis-reported simile?" Are you trying to say that the meanings of the words "metaphor" and "simile" are sometimes misunderstood, and that there should be some sort of mechanized way of alerting people when this happens?
snarfyguy, Dec 28 2001

       is this like something we have already discussed?
po, Dec 28 2001

       How about just a nudge in the ribs?
phoenix, Dec 28 2001

       Like, what others?
reensure, Dec 28 2001

       they are here, they have always been here; among us....
po, Dec 28 2001

       Metaphors are like hushed similes.
quarterbaker, Dec 28 2001

       ssshhh don't like, wake the simile - took me ages to get him off to sleep ssssssshhhhhh
po, Dec 28 2001

       thats not a metaphor
po, Dec 29 2001


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