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removeable tint

removeable like a tinted post-it-note
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Sometimes the sun is just low enough (or right near the rearview mirror) so that the visors don't block the glare. I'd like to have a removeable piece of tinted clear plastic that I could easily place on my windshield to block the annoying sunlight. (Note: I don't wear sunglasses over my prescription glasses.)
mhh5, Oct 14 2001

Lo! Ask and ye shall find. http://www.jcwhitne...?CATID=4814&BQ=jcw2
"Adheres by static cling to inside windows...Removable and reusable—instant on and off. " [StarChaser, Oct 14 2001]


       Burger King is currently selling "God Bless America" polyurethane window cling/stickers with a flag graphic 5cm by 12 cm. Not only do you get to conspicuously declare that you donated $1 to the Red Cross, but you also get to defeat the evil day-star.
prometheus, Oct 14 2001

       Baked. JC Whitney has this in small sizes for spot use and larger for whole windows.
StarChaser, Oct 14 2001

       OK. JC Whitney sells a removeable tint, but it's not quite like a post-it note in its ease-of-use... I'll have to donate $1 to see how well the BK US flag thing works against the evil day-star... Thanks all!
mhh5, Oct 15 2001

       Picky, picky. You cut it to the right shape, it sticks with static cling, and unlike a stickynote, you can use it over and over.
StarChaser, Oct 15 2001

       It would be nice if they had electric windows that could be tinted down to zero, and be cranked back to normal when the cops show up. I have heard of house windows that go frosty when the power goes out.
Amishman35, Dec 21 2001


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