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Multiplayer Deathmatch Workout

Workout equipment as game controllers
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Add strain gauges to the handles and pedals of an elliptical to control steering and braking, along with thumb and finger buttons on the handgrips and use it to control a multiplayer first-person-shooter game. Best played with immersive VR goggles. The speed of your character is controlled by your effort. As you take damage, the resistance on your machine goes up, making you slower. A heartrate monitor can cause your player to overheat and seize up if you too carried away.
gregor-e, Mar 09 2006

Halfbakery: Treadmill of DOOM Treadmill_20of_20DOOM
Similar, but treadmill, not eliptical. [jutta, Mar 09 2006]

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       I'm not a video game player, but (+) for anything that makes it easier for me to stay longer at the gym.
normzone, Mar 09 2006

       I beg to differ about the immersive VR goggles, but yes.
jutta, Mar 09 2006

       I think this would be best used with the Light Cycle game from Tron.
notmarkflynn, Mar 10 2006


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