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Making a mesh of things
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With the imminent destruction of the UK fishing industry I am idly wondering what we can all do to replace the business for the netmaking industry. Heres one suggestion:-

Buy a very big net and drape it over your entire house.
Peg out the edges to create a sheltered walkway all around the building.
Cut out holes to correspond to windows and doors
Grow climbing plants up and over the whole thing, (clematis and wisteria are my favourites).
Hang nesting boxes and bird feeders amongst the foliage.

IvanIdea, Nov 06 2002


       can I have a mini-one over my bed. always fancied one of those four poster romantic things - nice to see you, baggybum.
po, Nov 06 2002

       Course you can, la bouqueted bower like a scene from Midsummer nights Dream, now all you need is a donkey <g>
IvanIdea, Nov 06 2002

       "I am mad north by northwest. But when the wind blows southerly I know a plantstand from a fishnet."
egbert, Nov 06 2002

       A net profit?
FarmerJohn, Nov 06 2002

       A fish-net stockade.   

Zircon, Nov 06 2002

       It'd be an insect and rotten siding paradise.
bristolz, Nov 06 2002

       //Pain in the ass when it's time to paint the house, though// - don't agree, Mr Queke. you could climb all over the house to paint and re-tile. pretend to be a pirate in the rigging.
po, Nov 07 2002

       A giant mosquito net would be nice on summer days. Sell big lightweight nets that you would raise by ropes and pulleys connected to trees or poles. Protect the whole lawn from bugs.
horripilation, Nov 07 2002

       //A giant mosquito net would be nice on summer days.// - //With itty bitty holes so no spiders could squeak thru?// - I believe we are talking FISHING nets here - minimum of 1/2 inch thickness rope leading to, ooo, 2 inch squares. It would keep the really big bugs out - maybe [UB] could find a use for it - but useful for Scottish summers, I think not.   

       You could use it for securing people on work-placements ("Intern-net"). You could hang architects' drawings on it ("plan-net").
PeterSilly, Nov 07 2002


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