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Melting ornaments

The perfect Christmas Gun accessory!
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These ornaments and lights would be made of sugar and equally degradable materials. They could be sprayed on Christmas eve and hosed off the next day.

Also usable for Christmas trees: Throw away the whole thing, ornaments and all without guilt

Voice, Nov 10 2016


       "...and hosed off the next day."
Or, for special effects, illuminate it with black light to make the sugar fluoresce and watch while ants carry it off in tiny chunks.
Alvin, Nov 10 2016

       I found several links to edible Christmas trees, but the sites were all ridden with ads, pop-ups, and auto-playing videos so I shan't link them.
Voice, Nov 12 2016

       //illuminate it with black light to make the sugar fluoresce// Does sugar fluoresce? If so, that is a cool thing that I did not know.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 12 2016

"Does sugar fluoresce?..."

Well, I checked the web, and it looks like it doesn't. I was thinking of starch I suppose. They say honey *might* fluoresce though.
Edited: specified "web".
Alvin, Nov 12 2016


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