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id photo

professional ID Photos
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Almost everyone complains that they look bad in their drivers license photo. And in most cases, it's not just the fact that the person is insecure and dosen't like the photo-- the pictures ARE bad. DMV employees are prolly underpaid, and over-abused enough to the point that they don't really care at ALL how your picture looks. they are just trying to stay conscious until lunch break. SO! why don't they do everyone a favor, and offer PROFESSIONAL pictures to those willing to pay a few more $$ for that stunning ID photo they have always wanted. sure they could still have the grumpy lady behind the desk for the regular price, but for a premium you could step into a side room and have a REAL photographer offer you a choice of backgrounds, and adjust the lighting to meet your complexion perfectly. and most importantly, since the whole process is digital, they could show you all the pictures and you could pick which ones you want. the DMV could make it an even better deal for themselves by working out a program with local colleges or something to get aspiring photographers who actually care and won't require as much pay.

and don't you think that the officer pulling you over would rather see your smiling face reproduced in accurate color than your sad picture taken with a CCD that was still crap when it was manufactured in 1964?

skot9000, Feb 28 2003


       i prefer the "doesn't look like me" versions of photos for identification.
cameron, Feb 28 2003

       //a CCD that ... was manufactured in 1964 //   

       <pedant> Charge Coupled Devices for imaging were first seriously developed in the early 1980s (although the technology had been around for a while) and did not become commercially common until the 1990s. </pedant>   

       // I'd like photos of my ego and super-ego //   

       The wide-angle lens has not yet been designed, let alone manufactured, that can photograph [UB]'s ego. Maybe a highly adapted Hubble telescope, moved out to the orbit of Pluto .... and even then you'd only get some of it in the frame at any one time .....
8th of 7, Feb 28 2003

       At the DMV where I acquired my current license, they took many digital photos, and let me choose which one I wanted. They’ll change the lighting, but they’re not allowed to change the background (I asked just for fun). It isn’t professional photography, but I think it’s good enough to cover your rant.   

       On the flip-side, I know people who intentionally look as bad as possible for their license photo so that in the event they are pulled over they look comparatively good.   

       Btw, this is taxpayers money you’re playing with
Shz, Feb 28 2003

       I saw that bris :)
po, Feb 28 2003

       You dreamed it.
bristolz, Feb 28 2003

       rubs eyes - mebbe
po, Feb 28 2003

       Terrible picture, isn't it?
Actually, it makes you look goo- um, better.
thumbwax, Feb 28 2003

       Some IDs require you to provide your own photo - passports, green cards, etc. - so you can have no complaints about the quality of the picture. Which kinda makes this a me-too.
DrCurry, Feb 28 2003

       UB, did you misspell "afraud?"   

beauxeault, Feb 28 2003

       bleh... terrible idea... the DMV would lose money by just having to keep the photographer on hand to take the pics.
sheep, Nov 13 2003

       might "Photo ID" flow better?... just a thought.   

       "yea baby... your a badger, your a badger, work it...and im spent."
FeelinPhine, Nov 13 2003

       Excellent idea. When you apply for a passport you get to supply your own photographs. The motor vehicle people could do the same.
KiwiJohn, Dec 06 2003


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