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Myspace Happy Birthday Wisher
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Lost of us Myspacers have made friends with famous people or bands. Wouldn't it be really cool and personal if we got a birthday wish from them? It might make me a more loyal fan. If it is a band or company or candidate, it might make me consider going that extra mile to buy or vote. So I propose that myspace create a service that will send birthday wishes to all of your friends on their birthdays.

Here's how it might work:

* You could blanket all of your friends with a cookie cutter "Happy birthday Foo!".

* It could also be template driven so you could send "Happy Birthday [name]! I hope you get your [bodypart] [action]'d tonight! You deserve it you [derrogatory name]!"

* Or you could type in specific greetings for individuals.

ChesterDrawers, Feb 06 2008


       Hmmm. Not sure I'd think much of friend who simply scheduled my birthday wishes into an automated system.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 06 2008

       Do you really want this?   

       I mean, ripping off other people with some automated expression of non-feeling and non-caring is all nice and well if you're being paid for it, but actually asking for it as a consumer? Don't you know the difference between someone who actually knows you and gives a shit and a marketing device?
jutta, Feb 06 2008

       We have a scheme here in the UK, whereby the major newspapers observe people's birthdays through some kind of central database. If, for example, you were born on April 27th then, on that day every year, the newspapers all carry the date "April 27th" to make you feel special. Next day, they similarly celebrate people whose birthday is April 28th, and so on right through the year.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 06 2008

       Lots of services provide automated reminders and/or greetings for brithdays and other anniversaries. I'm surprised no one has done this for MySpace.
DrCurry, Feb 07 2008


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