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No generation left behind

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A website dedicated to finding ways to digitize the stories of thousand of people stuck in nursing homes.

People will be encouraged to befriend a old person from a nursing home, and do a videomentry about their life (with the person's permission)

Two kinds of videos are accepted, a under 5 minute "tl;dr" version, and a raw version of the video log.

This will be done as a online game, scores are given for the most interesting story. Which means, WWII vets will be in high demands.

But there will be a chance that other less well known people will be brought back to the light for their past exploits.

At the end of every year, these videos will be archived in a data bank for future historians. (Highest scoring video will be assigned better data protection)

mofosyne, Dec 24 2010

Essentially this, isn't it? http://storycorps.org/
[MechE, Dec 24 2010]




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