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One-Option Meetup App

Groupon for Meetups
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The lonely and computer-addicted are beset by too many choices when they go to change their ways and venture out into meatspace. Find a meetup group, try a new or old hobby, take a class of some sort, plan a party...?

This website solves this problem by giving you *just one choice*. You put in some basic information: city (for location-matching), interests (check a few of a list of checkboxes), vetting info (credit check or invitation required), and commitment to pay a reasonable, discounted fee for the evening's activity. Then you click the magic button on the site. An hour later (once enough other people have signed up too), the site then recommends a single event, starting at a normal after- work time, that you could do.

The site is run by a for-profit company, which makes money by getting a referral bonus from the places it recommends.

The likelihood of fun is increased by the site/company playing host/matchmaker and trying to put people together into interesting and compatible groups.

sninctown, Sep 09 2011

Random activity club
Shameless self promotion [xaviergisz, Sep 09 2011]


       this soo sounds like an app for prostitution
WcW, Sep 09 2011

       sounds fun [+]
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 10 2011

       ... speaking of which, why do so many people feel compelled to point out (on dating and other social sites) the trivially true "I like to have fun!"?!? Well yes, that's kind of the DEFINITION of the word, thankyou for sharing. But what is your IDEA of a good time?   

       * shopping? * conversation? * field stripping an AK-47 at night under enemy fire? * movies? * board games? * cross-referencing 150 years of Department of Agriculture reports with climate records - manually? * reckless abuse of pharmacoactive compounds of uncertain identity and provenance? * knitting?   

       BE. speCIFIC. /rant over
BunsenHoneydew, Sep 10 2011

       <quickly removes "i love fun!" from his hb profile>
swimswim, Sep 10 2011


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