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Natural death

spoiler, the target dies of natural causes. The murderers have to deal with it
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First half of the movie is all about the plot to murder the person, the plan, the reasoning, the expectations.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie the murderer(s) (perhaps two competing teams) reach the house, only to find the guy dead already, seemingly from natural causes.

Now comes the fun part. The coverup. Trying to receive the inheritance. Trying to distance themselves from what happened, while they are sucked in to the close circles of the family. The attempted murderers discover what a great person the dead person was. And how they actually enjoyed reading that person's book or liked listening to their song, or watching their stand up comedy.

The natural cause of death is definitely established and proven with no doubt.

They learn what a thrill it is to enjoy a nice and smiling day, and understand how violence is usually not very healthy.

pashute, Jul 14 2022

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It seems there's always an xkcd to fit... [neutrinos_shadow, Jul 17 2022]

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       In the sequel, the child of the deceased takes the best revenge on the unsuccessful would-be killers, by living well. [+]
pertinax, Jul 14 2022

       A bit sappy but very human [+]
Voice, Jul 15 2022


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