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"Vendetta of Overkill"

Random action movie plot generator
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Had the idea for a random action movie title generator, did a web search, it's already been done. So take it a step further. A random action movie script generator.

Real easy, just input stuff like ((random character name) (extreme) = Max (trait of bravery, bravado or insanity) = Daring.) Ok, Max Daring a: Cop who plays by his own rules / private investigator on the edge / rogue undercover agent for (something).

Have everything tied together with a shootout every 3 minutes and a car chase every 10 minutes. Then have a shadowy character appear every 20 minutes to explain what's going on ala Inception.

Here's the thing, I believe plots created at random might be more interesting than those created by underfed screenwriters hunched over a laptop at a coffee shop. I'd be a bit curious to see what happens in computer generated plots for:

"Maximum Victory" - "Duke of Punishment" - "Double Vengeance" - "Soldier of Revenge" - "Inferno of Execution" - "Sudden Termination" (a boss who's been pushed too far by his employees perhaps? And my personal favorite) - "Instant Glory". How about the quizzical: "Fatal Humiliation".

See link.

By the way, I think this thing in the link is already being used to come up with corporate slogans, financial advice, and political rhetoric. Here's a randomly generated wine review: "The 1990 Syrah from Acme Vineyards mixes hedonistic fruit undertones with a piquant potato flavor."

doctorremulac3, Feb 08 2014

Take this to the next step http://phrasegenerator.com/actionmovies
Worried that computers would come up with dumber plots than people? Don't. [doctorremulac3, Feb 08 2014]

For help with the dialog Overused_20Metaphor_20Thesaurus
[theircompetitor, Feb 08 2014]


       Baked every year by any number of movies
theircompetitor, Feb 08 2014

       You could have 60 people in the theatre, and everyone of them watching a different movie.   

       Airline chairs with monitors in the fold down. Sharing the big screen and their mostly private custom show in the small. Butts in seats, but customized per butt or couple of butts.
popbottle, Feb 08 2014

       If you add a rating system, you could breed the higher rated movies together to create the next generation.
erenjay, Feb 09 2014


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