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President's Day

Say hello to the four biggest S.o.b.'S ever to walk the earth
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When the Republican party accepts one hundred million dollars to dump ten tons of nuclear waste, 'the plumbers', three men in white suits, dump it at the Memorial Graveyard, where all the President's are now kept due to budget cuts. When the nuclear waste seeps into the ground, the decayed bodies of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, T.Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon come back to life.

The four of them awake and head towards the white house, where President Bob Clifton and his wife, Helen, are carrying on, partying and making a shambles of the White House. When the four dead Presidents get there they spot President Clifton with his girlfriend, Mandy, fooling around in the oval office. Nixon and the gang rush in, hoping to restore, in Washington's words "18oo's justice to the people's house."

The four dead president's chew up the guards, and cause problems. Meanwhile Bob Clifton hides in the oval office while Helen, strapping on six guns and carrying a shotgun, roars "When I'm President, I'll show the boys who has the guts around here!" She rushes out into the hallways, blasting the head off Jefferson, who tries to hide behind the Declaration of Independence, rams Roosevelt with his own sword, and she wraps Nixon's head around with the tapes he hid and throws him out the window.

Washington, the last one left, busts into the oval office and pulling his mouth apart left fly with his wooden teeth. The teeth, zooming at breakneck speed, miss Bob, before Helen blasts them and then does the same to Washington, but not before setting off the 'red button' which blows half of Washington D.C. away.

The last image is of the Generals declaring Mandy the next president due to a piece of paper found on President Clifton stating "if something happens to me I want Mandy to hold my office." Of course, as in any horror movie, it is never explained how Mandy got out of Washington in the first place.

Dogcat, Mar 21 2008


       Mindless drivel. -
DrCurry, Mar 21 2008


       [dogcat] please delete this crap we don't really want it here this is just a rant in movie plot clothing.
jhomrighaus, Mar 21 2008

       Rants usually are a lot more focused than this...
jutta, Mar 21 2008

       oops sorry, failed to notice the category. MFD retracted, but the idea is still crap.
jhomrighaus, Mar 21 2008

       Mindless drivel. -
Voice, Mar 24 2008

       I'd like to churn this and submit that it's satirical genius.
DrWorm, Nov 09 2010


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