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Neo-Modern Sliding Door

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This door is made of slats, each 4 - 6 inches in width, made of brushed steel. They sit on a track that runs between the two sides of the doorjamb. You walk forwards and the door opens when you get close to the motion sensor. It opens like this: each slat turns 90 degrees and slides flat against the wall. You walk through, the slats return to their positions, and execute another 90 degree turn and are a door again.

Whooshing noise optional.

Enough said.

DesertFox, May 30 2004

Starship Doors http://www.iq-home.com/StarshipDoors.htm
This site offers retrofit doors like those seen on Star Trek. Not exactly the same idea, but the same sound effects. (Whoosh!) The site creator is a bit zany, but he does seem to have some interesting ideas. Worth a look. [jurist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Oooo! Shiny... http://i3.photobuck...1/DoorsThatOpen.png
Thick steel rods go through the center and follow a track. Automated. [DesertFox, Feb 03 2006]

Fukuda’s Form-Fitting Door http://www.popgadge...utomatic_door_1.php
Somewhat different idea. [wiml, Nov 21 2007]


       can we have a drawing please !
neilp, May 30 2004

       Think vertical blinds.
phoenix, May 30 2004

       + I like it, but after that Kramer thing, I’m awfully suspicious you stole it somewhere.
ldischler, May 30 2004

       I am concerned by the strength of the door and the ability to resist the elements. A lot of holes when open means it needs to effectively seal a lot of holes when closed too.   

       Of course I'm thinking of flimsy window blinds when I imagine this, but even steel would have trouble being thin enough to be effective and still strong enough to keep out a good hard kick to the right place. Unless they were posititoned to reinforce each other somehow, or arch together to put pressure on the door frame or... yeah, now I'm confusing myself without an appropriate picture.
Cheekio, May 30 2004

       a cool idea, probably best suited to indoor use. this comes somewhere between a normal interior door and a bead curtain in terms of doorway blockage. or something. +
stilgar, May 31 2004

       //Think vertical blinds.// - thanks [Phoenix] that makes sense.

a bun as long as it does indeed make a whooosing sound.
neilp, May 31 2004

       [link] Whooshful thinking.
jurist, May 31 2004

       I'm doing some 3D modeling of ideas, and so I've got a nice pic for you guys. Second linkie.
DesertFox, Feb 03 2006


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