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LED Bead Curtain

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A bead curtain made from multicolour LEDs, and capable of displaying a video signal - e.g. from a camera looking at the view behind the curtain.
hippo, May 27 2009

I'd imagine something like this... http://www.dangries.../Flash/RGB/eye.html
[fridge duck, May 28 2009]

U2 giant LED curtain http://nait5.wordpress.com/2009/04/01/u2/
U2's huge (and very costly) solution from their Vertigo tour [footzilla, May 29 2009]

Jim Campbell - Exploded View (Birds) https://www.youtube...watch?v=SB7TdT8f68E
Art that I saw while in Palm Springs last spring break. Not multicolor, and not a curtain you're supposed to walk through, but similar. [notexactly, Aug 29 2016]


       What happens if there is another beaded curtain there, only this one is made out of wooden beads?
xenzag, May 27 2009

       I'd quite like to extend this to Christmas tree lights. If, during setup, each led strobed at a given frequency, and you pointed a camera at the tree - a computer program might be able to identify and remap each individual led into the 2d injection (or whatever the opposite of a projection is) from that point - finally, as the idea suggests, you could have the lights display the images of your choice, only instead of being in a 2d curtain configuration, they'd be wrapped around your Christmas tree (or car, or girlfriend etc).
zen_tom, May 27 2009

       I once posted an idea here for a beaded curtain for a dog... would love to combine it with this idea and see the dog portrayed running around as something else.... for example, like a large piece of burning coal.
xenzag, May 27 2009

       ([zen] - you decorate your girlfriend with fairy lights?)
hippo, May 27 2009

       (Not yet! But, if you do hear in the news about some terrible and bizarre fairy-light accident, you never seen me, right!   

       It could be like one of those James Bond opening sequences, except, instead 60's oil projectors, it would be implemented in digital LEDs.)
zen_tom, May 27 2009

       It could show a video. 'The Matrix' comes to mind.
Ling, May 27 2009

       very nice.
bungston, May 27 2009

       Hats of to hippo. Again.
wagster, May 28 2009

       Ooh, creepy link.   

       And [Ling] - the green falling thingys would be great on this...awesome.
devnull, May 28 2009

       I saw this at a U2 concert a few years ago, though it was huge, extremely expensive, and broke a few times during the show. I want one.   

       zen_tom: I wanted to do this to my christmas tree for years. I'll be sure to post pics/videos when (if) it's done.
footzilla, May 29 2009

       Very nice indeedy. However [wagster's] typo makes me think of hippo hats. That's a whole 'nother thingy.
blissmiss, May 29 2009


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