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Noise Canceling Door

Prevent pesky visitors from knocking on your door - at least audibly.
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Sure, you can put a kill switch on your doorbell, electrify it, put some kind of interface on it that requires the visitor to solve a complex mathematical puzzle as "payment" for being able to ring it, etc., but how do you stop the persistent visitor from bypassing it altogether and simply BANGING ON THE DOOR UNTIL YOU ANSWER IT?

With the Noise Canceling Door, that's how. In the deluxe version, the same active noise canceling technology used in microphones and headsets designed for noisy environments is involved - inputs are placed against the outside/front of the door which listen for noisy mechanical input (someone's knuckles) and inject out-of-phase audio into speakers which are placed in the back/inside of the door. Result - no more interruptions from late night visitors, kids setting fire to dog by-products on your front step, law enforcement agents serving subpoenas and warrants, Bible salesmen, etc., etc..

In the entry-level version, the front of the door is covered with a whacking great big piece of foam. Also available in a retro-fit kit form.

Great for people who work odd hours, such as shift workers, law enforcement agents who have been out all night serving subpoenas and warrants, Bible salesmen, etc.

resurgere, Mar 20 2004


       have a marshmallow door. mmmm.
po, Mar 20 2004

       That would make it biodegradable, which might or might not be an asset... :-)
resurgere, Mar 21 2004

       I think I prefer the economy version. A foam door would have so many advantages.
kropotkin, Mar 22 2004

       I also like the economy version; it would be more reliable, probably more effective and send the right message to your guest before he even tries to knock.   

       You will find, though, that with either model, the persistent visitor will bang on the wall.
AO, Mar 22 2004

       I have always found a pitbull to be an effective way to stop people from simply BANGING ON THE DOOR UNTIL YOU ANSWER IT.
DrCurry, Mar 22 2004

       I never imply bang on a door my elf.   

       But Seriously, Folks, a more useful application would be if this also cancelled the slam of a door caused by the wind, teenagers, spouses, etc.
egbert, Mar 22 2004

       //...just cancel the noise of the visitor cursing...//   

       Visitor? How about the occupant? I know those pesky mormons don't appreciate me sacrificing goats and getting all loud about it. Useful for hotel rooms and visits to the boss' office. <argh>
Letsbuildafort, Mar 22 2004

       //loads of spikes sticking of the door just covered by the foam//   

       Why didn't I think of that?   

resurgere, Apr 17 2004


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