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Peephole Stats

See what's outside, and then some
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This is a normal peephole, except it displays the date, time, outside temperature and weather (via bluetooth?).

See the illustration for a peep.

ophello, Sep 29 2005

Illustration http://hennesseydes...m/PeepholeStats.jpg
Peephole Stats illustration [ophello, Sep 29 2005, last modified Jan 10 2010]


       But why? +
Worldgineer, Sep 29 2005

       Why not!
ophello, Sep 30 2005

       You should have a danger index in the case of different people at the door, employing some AI type software to develop proper warnings. A "boobies" icon would be fun, too.
daseva, Sep 30 2005

       Well, that would be a little redundant, but awesome nonetheless. A camera peephole might be in order...funny, I'm thinking of the terminator and his very computational analysis-vision system.
ophello, Sep 30 2005

       I was against this until I saw the illustration. Very nice. I particularly like the idea of showing a 'cloudy' icon when you can clearly see that it's cloudy. Something about that appeals to my simple sense of humour. [+]
st3f, Sep 30 2005

       I was hoping for something a little more people oriented, like a peephole that keeps track of how many people walk past your door or repeat passers or whatever. I am always curious about traffic patterns and such. I don't care about the weather. But still, if it was worth the trouble I would put it in my door. Only my door faces a hallway, and the weather is always the same there. Not terribly invigorating.   

       How about mine just gives me an inspirational quote each day when I look out. I would like that.
k_sra, Oct 04 2005

       Include a photoeye looking INTO the house: "You are the 00000013 visitor to this peephole"   

       Include a link to the bakery: "You have accumulated 25 1/2 buns and 2 1/2 fishbones"   

       The possibilities are endless. I love it. Bake this!
gardnertoo, Jun 07 2006


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