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New hairstyles: lasers causing hair to be zippers

The laser zaps the hair shaft to be like a zipper or ziplok bag edge, then the stylist groups the hairs to create new 21st century hairstyles
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Laser are good at things!

Lasers could modify the shape of individual hairs to be like zipper teeth or ziplok bag edges. Then the stylist just groups together the strands, interlocks them, and new hairstyles are created, possibly featuring loopiness.

beanangel, Nov 12 2016

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       //possibly featuring loopiness// very likely so.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 12 2016

       Damn. I like the idea.   

       Well, it was bound to happen periodically ;-)
normzone, Nov 13 2016

       I feel there's a whole field of study to be opened here.
Voice, Nov 13 2016

       Blimey! Why would we be twinning our hair? To thicken the look? Or double the likelihood that our pipes are clogged.
po, Nov 13 2016

       Sorry -1 bean.
po, Nov 13 2016

       I agree with po. On a practical level, how would you carve enough hairs to be viable? Some sort mass pattern lazing. An extra strength holographic hair tatooing.   

       [Ian] Wow, A thought as beautiful as a butterfly.
wjt, Nov 14 2016

       This would cause temporary uncombable hair syndrome. That seems to cause people to become maverick leaders. Maybe it would be enough to break the glass ceiling. [+] (sorry [po]).
nineteenthly, Nov 16 2016


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