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Star Trek channel

cable channel for remote-control-impared trekkies
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for those tired of switching from TBS to SCI-FI to UPN20, etc, to get the trekkie fix they need in their life, there should be one official, dedicated startrek channel.

perhaps several- a star trek movie channel, a 'good' star trek channel w/ the old television series and next generation, and a 'trash' star trek channel w/ the new stuff. maybe there will even be news updates with con info, star trek news, etc.

heck, theres star trek internet connection, why not a cable tv station? i mean, theyre a FOOD channel, and there've gotta be more people who watch star trek than eat, right?

dumpstergirl, Mar 23 2003

Estrella Viaje! http://www.youtube....watch?v=AJGvn5iOERM
don't forget TMS [jaksplat, Feb 15 2008]

(?) TAS http://www.youtube....watch?v=KKk71J6d7-4
[jaksplat, Feb 15 2008]


       Nice idea, but I dont think it would be economically viable. I am not sure that there is so much demand for the various Star Trek series. Heck I used to be a fan of the original Star Trek reruns, but I never regretted missing episodes.   

       After all, its nothing but a science-fiction tv show!   

       (Do I hear the word *SACRILEGE*???)   

       What I mean is, who would sponsor the shows on this channel? No one will be interested to sponsor because the viewership will be virtually non-existant. Also who will be prepared to pay the licensing rates to host such a channel, leave alone the trademark rights of the shows themselves!   

       IMHO, the die-hard trekkie is a dying breed, and if this channel was even halfway viable, I'm sure every network will already be carrying such a channel.   

       Lastly, you are basically asking to dedicate a channel to one genre, an idea which has been baked so many times that its overcooked. For this fact alone I'm gonna give it a "-".
joker_of_the_deck, Mar 23 2003

       what do you mean?!   

       what advertiser wouldnt want a peice of this channel, with all the disposable income trekkies can blow from their pizza-delivering jobs!   

       heck, since trekkies'll buy anything with the star trek logo on it, theyre an easy killing- star trek toothbrushes, home apliances, trashbags, debt consolidation... theyll even buy a peice of silkscreened cardboard for 50 bucks.   

       imagine the possibilities...   

       seriously, i think it would work considering the airtime startrek already has, and the types of frivolous channels on cable.
dumpstergirl, Mar 23 2003

       //After all, its nothing but a science-fiction tv show!//   


       // (Do I hear the word *SACRILEGE*???) //   

       Oh yes. And many others .....   

       Double super extra croissants with extra Dilithium crystals.
8th of 7, Mar 23 2003

       ...as are we all.
krelnik, Mar 23 2003

       As I read, I was fairly sure I was going to 'bone this, mostly because I think Star Trek falls neatly into the category of television programmes called "Space Rubbish" but I was forced to change my vote to a croissant by the last sentence in the idea.
my face your, Mar 23 2003

       This idea was considered and dumped by Paramount about 25 or so years ago.
waugsqueke, Mar 23 2003

       Hello 8th, we know all about you and your phobias - hah
The Kat, Mar 23 2003

       I have to agree with joker's last paragraph. Well I don''t have to but I will anyway.
DrBob, Mar 24 2003

       Baked. I used to produce the "Star Trek Marathon", which ran on overnights on an NBC station up in Ohio in the early 90's. We alternated between Original and TNG episodes from 1am to 6am every Saturday night into Sunday morning right after SNL. Instead of having commercials in the end break, we had a scripted segment where we told you what you were watching (That was Episode 39...The Trouble with Tribbles. Rip Torn had a cameo in this episode.....coming up is TNG Episode 237....) so that you knew some backround info from the episode you just watched and the episode you were about to watch.   

       And would you believe...we had sponsors for this all-night marathon?
muzer, Oct 10 2003

       Yes, in the late 1970's the CBS affiliate in Tallahassee, Florida used to do something similar, they called it "Trek-a-rama".
krelnik, Oct 10 2003

       I suspect non of u lot have Sky One, for periods it has been pretty much wall to wall Star Trek with TNG, DS9 and Voyager all in one day. For a bit of variation there's also the neverending saga of Stargate SG-1 and the occasional bit of Andromeda and SG Atlantis thrown in. Come to think of it, Sky One has more Star Trek than the Sci-Fi Channel :S
squigbobble, Sep 28 2005

       It might help Sky One de-trekkifying its schedules a bit.
wagster, Sep 28 2005

       Murdoch's got to recoup all the cash he can after paying top dollar for TNG/Enterprise etc the first time round - my guess is that he'll be milking it for a good few years yet.
zen_tom, Sep 28 2005

       I can't imagine that Enterprise is popular enough to show it ad nauseam. Wouldn't that put people off watching the channel altogether? Its ratings were really low even on its first run.
nineteenthly, Sep 28 2005

       I'd drop by to watch with you !
Macdaddyx1, Feb 10 2008

       Never could quite get into that Star Trek, but with it on 24/7 there is the slight chance I might get hooked when there is nothing else good on TV. I hear that they obey the laws of physics on that show, but it could all be just hype, I don't know. However, I am a real big Futurama fan, and have seen every single episode at least 5 times.... they spoof Star Trek in one of the episodes. What the heck, for increasing my chances of watching star trek you get a bun.
quantum_flux, Feb 13 2008

       Heck, there's a GOD channel, and there's got to be more people that watch Star Trek than believe in God, right?
theleopard, Feb 13 2008

       I don't imagine that an extra channel entirely filled with crap would be noticeable among the existing channels entirely filled with crap.
angel, Feb 13 2008

       True angel, but I don't see what your comment has to do with this idea ;o)
DrBob, Feb 13 2008

       The matter and antimater are in red zone critial proximity! Jim, this man is dead. Bone me up scotty!
WcW, Feb 13 2008

       With the main series, its spin-offs and "making of"'s, i imagine that BBC 3 is approaching being thisses Doctor Who equivalent.
nineteenthly, Feb 13 2008

       sp: this's   

       // I hear that they obey the laws of physics on that show//   

       It's more correct to say they obey *their* laws of physics. They make most of it up (based on a combination of nutty real-ish physics notions and the exigencies of their scripts), but they are pretty good at being internally consistent. They have to - there are career Trekicists who would rip them to shreds if they violated one of their rules without a clear technobabble explanation.
globaltourniquet, Feb 13 2008

       // They make most of it up //   

       Are we talking about Trek, or Physicists ? Sit in on a meeting with the guys from CERN and you'll soon realise that they are making it up as they go along too - and they're not internally consistent, either. And they have a VERY good line in Technobabble.
8th of 7, Feb 13 2008

       Well, CERN is concerned with nuclear physics. Nobody fully understands that yet, I think. Trekies are concerned with teleportation and warp travel, right!? <runs away before getting karate chopped by space ninjas>
quantum_flux, Feb 13 2008

       // Nobody fully understands that yet //   

       Perhaps, or perhaps not. It is possible that some humans do actually undrestand it, but they are either (a) incapable of communicating this to other humans in any comprehensible form, or (b) heavily sedated and shut up in a small room with soft walls.
8th of 7, Feb 13 2008

       I like old trek as much as the next person (and i really did like ds9 more than the next person), but how repetitive will this be?
4? seasons of TOS (i think there were 72 eps?), 7 seasons of TNG, 7 of DS9, 7 of voyager, 5 of enterprise and what, 25 ish hours of movies? Add in some specials, a weekly "nothing new is happening" half hour news show, and you've got what? (7*25*3)+(5*25)+(72+25+10)(?) about 760 hours of tv. hey, wait, that's like a solid month without a repeat, going 24/7.
suddenly, i'm more impressed with writers and their ability to drag something out.
Did i screw that math up?
ericscottf, Feb 14 2008

       someone told me the factiod that at any one time somewhere on earth,Star Trek is on TV, to which I replied "i'm glad I don't live there then"
giligamesh, Feb 14 2008

       [ericscottf] according to wikipedia, there were 80 episodes of the original series, 178 episodes of Next Generation, 176 DS9 episodes, 172 Voyager episodes, 98 Enterprise epsiodes and 22 cartoon episodes. Also there is currently an 11th movie in production.
jaksplat, Feb 14 2008

       Even with me being a total Star Trek TOS geek and thus oughting to know better, it totally seems to me that [jaksplat] has missed a series in there somewhere. At least it feels like there has to have been more than that...
globaltourniquet, Feb 14 2008

       Well, oopsie! If we count the moveis as 25 hours, that's still 751 hours of tv, so i wasn't far off (unless the cartoons were half-hour? They're the only thing i've never seen.)
ericscottf, Feb 15 2008


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