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Nightclub 'boxing ring'

Let the nutters fight each other
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One of the things that is very wrong with the whole nightclubbing experience is the small but plausable scaenario in which some complete nutter decides he wants to smash your teeth in.

This can be because you looked fleetingly at his girl/pint/him. It can also be bacause you accidentally applied 1 billionth of an ounce of pressure to his shoulder as you tried to move past him. Basically it happens for no reason at all except he's a nutter (and a t*sser of course).

He's an animal. He's out on the town just to fight (or pull if he can .. but this doesn't seem to happen to him). You know the type of person. He WANTS something to kick-off, and if it doesn't happen he'll MAKE it happen.

Presently its relatively innocent people who end up having the crap beaten out of them in kebab shops for no reason. My idea is for some nightclubs to have boxing rings setup. If some nutter whose had too much to drink really wants to kick-off .. he can choose to submit his name, and be matched against a similar nutter.

Both participants are fitted with gloves and boxing helmets .. and there is a referee who can stop the fight (forcibly if necessary with the use of bouncers) if things start getting out of hand. So -- in front of all the nightclubbers .. they get to belt 7 shades of crap out of each other. No innocents are hurt, and THEY know no police will be involved, they won't be kicked out of the club, and the fight will be stopped if they are losing -- well before the other guy gets to stamp on his head for a few minutes as currently happens when street-fighting.

Nutters would be matched agaiunst their own weight catagory and if no-one wants to fight them an employed bouncer will give them a few minutes in the ring.

The main effect is the innocent bloke having a good time doesn't end up oh the receiving end of a good kicking from some t*sser, and the nutter has got an alternative way to get rid of his pent-up anger. The entertainment to the other nightclub guests is mainly an added bonus.

You'll only understand this idea if you have made the connection there are animals out there that are specifically ONLY going clubbing to kick someone's head in at some point during the evening.

britboy, Mar 01 2004

scroll down to tory, no I mean tosser... http://www.davidappleyard.com/vt.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

A Stag At Sharkey's http://www.pbs.org/...endy/works/sta.html
The idea was pretty well baked in America's speakeasy days as depicted in this famous 1909 Ashcan School painting, and movies like "Hard Times" about the 1930's Depression era. [jurist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Wil Wheaton -vs- Barney The Dinosaur http://www.dnaloung...gallery/2002/08-22/
Boxing, in a nightclub. [calum, Sep 16 2005]


       Is tosser really that bad of a word?
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 01 2004

       T*sser is a bad word if in England. Er .. if from the US -- replace with .. er .. 'Very nasty peice of work'.   

britboy, Mar 01 2004

       f*cker. That's probably the U.S. equivalent.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 01 2004

       Learn Judo.   

       This reminds of that Viz comic, where one character was always squaring up to some innocent with the immortal line, "Did you call my pint a poof?", in a Geordie accent I think. I know the type you mean. I'd take it further. Anyone wanting to scrap or caught fighting would be _forced_ to go in the ring. No referee. Give 'em chibs as well. Social Darwinism in action...
saker, Mar 01 2004

       Nah. Tosser isn't that bad a word. Technically it's the same as wanker.
hazel, Mar 01 2004

       quite a bit of british slang in this idea, I think I need a conversion dictionary.
SystemAdmin, Mar 01 2004

       An old nightclub in Ferntree Gully (Vic, Aus) had a boxing ring in the middle of one of the dance floors. They used to stage kickboxing bouts there for the entertainment of the patrons. When I was there, they had also errected a "bouncy-boxing" ring. A blow up ring (like a jumping castle) which patrons could get in, strap on some oversized foam gloves and try to beat each other. Usually ended with lots of laughter, though.
reap, Mar 01 2004

       systemAdmin i posted an idea for one, and it got boned,
engineer1, Mar 02 2004

       <on subject> make sure it is well away from the rest of the club i don't do pub fights but have been in a few places where they have kicked off, i think a cage is required </on topic>
engineer1, Mar 02 2004

       I knew a few guys like this... the stories I could tell.
thumbwax, Mar 02 2004

       The reason this is a bad idea is that it doesn't in any way remove the atmosphere of aggression. Affording naturally aggressive drunk people the opportunity to get into a ring, in public, in an attempt to kick the shite out of each other, is more likely to attract more of this type of arsehole to the establishment.   

       There are plenty of clubs where this behaviour does not happen. That these clubs are the ones most often raided by the drugs squad is not entirely coincidental.
calum, Mar 02 2004

       Amatuer boxing nights in bars is nothing new.
bungston, Sep 16 2005


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