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Pro-Celebrity Boxing

Queensbury Rules and all
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Well, the title's fairly self-explanatory.

Put some - preferably irritating - celebrity in the ring with a boxer, and let them get on wih it.

Kind of Celebrity Deathmatch, but with live action and some rules.

darsy, Aug 04 2000

Celebrity Deathmatch (MTV) http://www.mtv.com/...athmatch/index.html
Sean Connery vs. Roger Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Winona Ryder... [hippo]

It caused problems http://media.guardi...7493,862650,00.html
Now baked - as per [b6388291]'s anno opposite [hippo, Aug 04 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Check out your old Monty Python scripts. Sir Kenneth Clarke (famous historian) versus Jack Bodell (not very famous English heavyweight) in a contest for the Regis Chair of History at Oxford.   

       I'm in favour.
DrBob, Aug 04 2000

       I hate boxing but I'd watch this. Politician Boxing could be good as well. It might add a bit of zest to the normal name-calling: "Perhaps the honourable gentleman would care to settle this issue in the ring, if he thinks he's hard enough".
Skinny Rob, Aug 10 2000

       I definitely saw a Bush vs. Gore physical fitness rating column, describing who ran how much each day, and what other activities they did. It was very funny; perhaps the less bloody-minded of the contestants could just have footraces?   

       I can't put this as a link because I don't remember where it was, but I think it was in the last two weeks of New York Times Op Ed pieces.
mcfrank, Aug 10 2000

       How about Roseanne Barr vs. Susan Hawk (Survivor) in a match. I'd watch that!   

       If I was *really* bored...
BigThor, Sep 02 2000

       A breath of fresh air... I would pay to watch this.
Dolophine, Dec 03 2000

       Whadya know? This half-baker has actually been fully baked..if you're not from the UK, you should be aware of a recent series of shows on BBC (of all places) called 'The Fight'; sure enough, they featured real boxing matches between d-list celebs who most of you have probably never heard of, with perhaps the exception of Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet .
a121509, Jun 04 2003

       Big Screech vs. Big Urkel
Jezzie, Jun 05 2003

       hey, it wasn't baked when I suggested it 3 years ago...   

       maybe I ought to send some of my ideas to the TV guys...
darsy, Jun 06 2003


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