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Punching Bag Slipcover

Beat the crap out of whoever you please!
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Take a cylinder of fabric with an open end, and cut a small hole in the top. Fit it over a punching bag, and thread the chain which holds the punching bag through the small hole in the slipcover. Now, decorate the slipcover with a picture of Osama Bin Laden, Gilbert Godfried, The Taco Bell Chihuahua, your ex-wife, or whoever else you dispise, and have the time of your life!
WordUp, Jul 06 2004


       I'll take one of George W Bush and one of Tony Blair please.
someone else, Jul 06 2004

       Can we include a little sound chip to record your (least) favourite soundbite from the person on your bag. If it sounded after each punch and cut out on the next punch it would ensure that you stay fighting mad and fighting fit.   

       "We are a grandmother" Arrgh, THUMP! "We are a grandmother" THUD! "We ar" THUD "We" THUDTHUMPTHUDTHUMP!
squeak, Jul 06 2004

       Isn't that like treason or something.
We are amused THUD!

       [2fries] Nope. It wasn't the Queen. Just someone who thought she was. That's why it's so annoying. A pat on the head and a chocolate biscuit for the first person who knows who said it.
squeak, Jul 07 2004

       It was Margaret Thatcher. Make that a plain chocolate digestive. Thank you.
angel, Jul 07 2004

       [Angel] Patpatpat. And you'll have to get your own biscuit, I'm afraid. But you can *imagine* it's from me.
squeak, Jul 07 2004


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