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Ninja vocals

Corrects one of the few irritations associated with the must-have product of 2023
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Air fryers are trendy and I really love ours. However I feel as though they missed a trick. Halfway through the cooking cycle you are supposed to shake your chips to prevent them from coagulating together into a partially-cooked blob. Sometimes I forget right until until the bleeping at the end reminds me of my omission. I need a voice, half-way through, to announce 'Shake your food as soon as possible!'.

The voice synthesis could be a famous celebrity; Barbara Windsor, Brian Blessed, Severus Snape, or Jenny Agutter spring to mind.

bhumphrys, Dec 26 2023

Stirred, not shaken https://www.amazon....ring/dp/B08D3Z11JM/
[a1, Dec 26 2023]

How I envision this going https://youtu.be/iN...si=-H9wvvrbJjfMAWu-
[21 Quest, Dec 26 2023]

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       Janm - welcome to the place of halfbaked ideas, now how about posting an idea or two of your own?
xenzag, Dec 26 2023

       I feel just a little bit ambiguous about this one myself: talking kitchen appliances- would we really want to go there, as a species?
bhumphrys, Dec 26 2023

       As long as you don't give it Genuine People Personality.
a1, Dec 27 2023

       I'm a personality prototype. You can tell, can't you?
21 Quest, Dec 27 2023

       What [xenzag] said.
Voice, Dec 27 2023

       What [janm] said.
pertinax, Dec 27 2023

       [21 Quest] Aha! all falls into place. Some kind of proto- LLM. I get it now.
bhumphrys, Dec 27 2023


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