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Line Item Deletion

When you like some of what someone has to say.
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The HB has a function whereby the author of an idea can delete annotations to that idea. While well intentioned, this function often throws out the baby with the bathwater. Some bakers become Irate when their contributions are cast away. What is needed is greater precision.

With the Line Item Deletion, one can surgically delete only the parts or an anno, or individual words or letters one finds objectionable. Thus the spirit of an anno can be retained while objectionable terms are removed.

bungston, Nov 15 2006


       B-b-but then you can change the meaning of an anno. Me no likes.   

       (For example the above can be changed to "Bun. Me likes.")
Shz, Nov 15 2006

       // letters one finds objectionable //   

       I like it. I find the letter M repulsive.
jtp, Nov 15 2006

       I'd use this mainly to delete unfairly attributed mfds.
xaviergisz, Nov 15 2006

       I quite like the strikethrough method as well - but as an alternative to deletion, rather than as a precise expression of objection. If you don't like something in particular, you can always quote the bit you found contentious, and say so.
zen_tom, Nov 16 2006

       [arked-for-deletion] (no not really)
caspian, Nov 22 2006


       like left high and dry on a mountain top with flood water all around?
po, Nov 22 2006

       [caspian] obviously has the sa*e phobia as me. BTW why are there such phobias as Triskadekaphobia and Octophobia, and yet no letter related phobias?
jtp, Nov 22 2006

       M "is" the 13th letter. Hmm. It looks like there might be a fear of B's, C's, & I's also. (Apiphobia, Thalassophobia, & Ommatophobia).
Zimmy, Nov 22 2006

       This would be a useful feature for the idea's author, but Shz is right about changing meanings.   

       It would help if the deleted bits were marked with [...] or [deleted] so you could tell they were missing.   

       [po] //arked?   

       like left high and dry on a mountain top with flood water all around? //   

       I was really insinuating that a sneaky editor had got at my post. But I guess it must mean kept aside while you delete everything else.
caspian, Nov 23 2006

       just me being a bit thick, caspian.
po, Nov 23 2006

       //I'd use this mainly to delete unfairly attributed mfds//

Rather makes the point really. That's exactly what you shouldn't be doing. M-f-ds are there to call the admins attention to an idea. If they disagree with the mfd then they will ask the annotator to remove it.
DrBob, Nov 23 2006

       //If they disagree with the mfd then they will ask the annotator to remove it//   

       and if they don't?   

       I've never deleted an anno marking the idea for deletion; I want to give everyone a say. However, as a consequence, I've had at least one idea deleted unfairly.
xaviergisz, Dec 04 2006

       Which one was that?   

       If you think your idea was deleted unfairly, you have a beef with the site moderators, not with whoever marked it for deletion.
jutta, Dec 04 2006

       mmmm. beef.
bungston, Dec 04 2006

       Anno deletion is for sissies.
normzone, Dec 04 2006

       jutta, my 'multi-focus ellipse' was deleted and I was a bit peeved.
xaviergisz, Dec 05 2006


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