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No Running in the 'Car-Radar'

Identify potential collisions using thermo imaging
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A simple radar style display screen shown on a GPS system or in car computer (on most dashboards/consoles) in new cars. The Car Radar will operate by displaying the position and movement of any heat releasing 'body' within 5 metres of the car. This would allow the concerned driver to detect children near the road or in the car parks around schools, joggers or cyclists using or crossing the road and pedestrians in general. For the more sensitive driver that finds it difficult to cope with the guilt attached to maiming or killing wildlife on roads this could also be an extra 'eye' on the road.
adamthefirstman, Mar 18 2005


       Isn't that what eyes are for?
scubadooper, Mar 18 2005

       [eyes] not fully effective though - as results show
adamthefirstman, Mar 18 2005

       and probably even less effective if the driver is gawping at his display screen.
Basepair, Mar 18 2005

       This is a great idea. Car Infrared night vision systems already exist, of course.
theircompetitor, Mar 18 2005

       At just 30mph, you will cover those 5 metres in a little under 0.4 of a second. I hope you have good reactions and even better brakes.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 18 2005

       and, in Florida, in swerving to avoid the discarded cigarette but, you slam into an alligator crossing the road....
Basepair, Mar 18 2005


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