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novelty wind up keys

magnetically mounted wind up keys for the roof of your car
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I think these would look especially cool on minis, but possibly funnier on an extended cab van. they's be made of grey plastic or sheet metal and about a foot high and two feet wide, with a magnetic base.
schematics, Oct 13 2004

Mini Wind Up Key http://www.deepthro...ival_photo_12.shtml
Clearly been done before. [jurist, Oct 14 2004]

Giant Wind-Up Key http://www.clownant...om/walkaround.shtml
Buy them here. 14 inches wide. $5.75USD [jurist, Oct 14 2004]

windupkey.com-beat you to it. http://windupkey.com/
[skinflaps, Oct 14 2004]


       I saw a small car, once, that had a fixed key on the back.
I think the key should be motor driven ( I wouldn't want to get out and wind it up all the time - even if it would complete the illusion).
The motor driven key could be driven at a speed which relates to the speed of the car, which might look better.
<they's be> Are you from Cornwall or Dorset?
Ling, Oct 13 2004

       Neither - what cornishman would drive an "extended cab van?" If it's not a traaaaactor, it's not cool.
david_scothern, Oct 13 2004

       Truely baked, see link.
skinflaps, Oct 14 2004

       won't this make the car look like a used sardine can?
elfling, Oct 14 2004

       yes. nice link, skinflaps.
yabba do yabba dabba, Oct 14 2004


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