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NoSpill Cupholder 2

An exaggeration on a theme.
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As an expansion to NoSpill Cupholder (see link below), a no-spill cup holder for the automobile, I propose an enhanced version that would fully realize the dream of not spilling a drop of coffee into my cars cup holder:

Using a motorized, gimbaled version so as to be able to feel the G load being applied to it and react with tilting the cup in its longest axis, while rotating the cup so the "sip hole" would automatically be spun to face the opposing forces.

The first half (tilting) could easily be achieved with a gimbal system and a bottom heave cup holder.

The second half would require a gyro package, syncros (or optical encoders), and servos just to reposition the sip hole. The encoders would be attached to the gyro gimbals and give feedback input to the servo motors in the cup holders rotation axes. (Input could also be feed to additional cup holder axis' to achieve cup tiltage, but why complicate things?

It would have to be compact enough to seat into 1 open cup holder. Since this unit would be 12 volt DC powered the nifty included car adapter would make its $69 price tag a steal!

slappyjones, Jan 18 2005

NoSpill Cupholder NoSpill_20Cupholder
[slappyjones, Jan 18 2005]




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