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Pistachio Roulette

Count preshelled nuts against empty shells...
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When eating nuts in shells, particularly pistachio, count each nut that you get already shelled. (these are known as freebies and count as one point), and offset those against any that are just the empty shell (known as killers).

You play this is a Russian Roulette style, picking nuts until one is killed by dropping below zero.

You can turn this into a drinking game by having the first “dead” player to buy a round…

liamdelahunty, Feb 28 2003

Pistachio Nutrition http://www.pistachi...thnut.asp#nutrition
[Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


       *Some* people might find this amusing. Low cost, and nutritious, too! [link] (+)
Cedar Park, Mar 01 2003

       Have you been bothered by unpleasant thoughts or images that repeatedly enter your mind, such as:
Losing count in a game of Pistachio Roulette?
Are you overconcerned with keeping objects (intact Pistachios, freebies, killers) in perfect order or arranged exactly?
Do you have mental images of dogs/cats/rats pissing/licking on/off contents of Pistachio bag/bowl or other horrible events?
Do you worry about fire, burglary, or flooding damaging Pistachios?
Do you worry about accidentally hitting a pedestrian with your car or letting it roll down the hill more/less than losing count of killers and freebies while simultaneously driving and playing Pistachio Roulette?
Do you not worry about spreading an illness such as Pistachio Roulettitus throughout the halfbakery?
thumbwax, Mar 01 2003

       Fishbone for making me think of “Beer Hunter”.
Shz, Mar 01 2003

       I confess it escapes me why this idea would attract fishbones the way it has.
beauxeault, Mar 01 2003

       Hey, liam, please don't delete annotations praising [thumbwax]'s annotation. I swear, if you'd deleted his anno, I'd reach through this internet and bonk you!   

       It's generally considered bad form here to delete dissenting opinions, unless they're out-and-out attacks. Indicating boredom doesn't count.
snarfyguy, Mar 01 2003

       What is this, 1984?
thumbwax, Mar 01 2003

       Sorry if my deleting pointless "oh that’s a cool thing to say" causes offence but the interjections prevent the whole page from reading well.   

       I am not changing the posts to be all positive, indeed I've removed my own annotation(s) too. I'm just trying to cut the wheat from the chaff.   

       I've no problem with negative opinions, and indeed the original thumbwax posting at least shows some originality, but IMO comments on comments are pointless unless they add something new.   

       Frankly, I've no idea why this little game is getting so heavily fishboned, and I think it’s just that my original posting was in the first person rather than discussing the game in the third person and that seems to have set people off.
liamdelahunty, Mar 01 2003

       liam: the first annotation posted here (mine) said, essentailly, "ho hum," which is hard to interpret as a comment on a comment. Don't take it personally if I say your idea bores me. Instead, get a thicker skin and tell me why it's not boring...
snarfyguy, Mar 02 2003

       snarfyguy , if my deletion of your erudite "ho hum," has wounded you, then you are the one that requires the thicker skin... If it had told me why you found it boring, or if it amused then your comment would have survived.   

       At least UnaBubba's comment on shells & fibre is amusing.
liamdelahunty, Mar 02 2003

       Look, I'm sorry *sorry* I fail to see the interest in counting nutshells, and I don't really care if you delete my posts. I'm not trying to have a fight. I was just telling you how things work here about deleting others' comments.
snarfyguy, Mar 02 2003

       Then why do we have the delete function at all? If it's to remove _bad_ things, then we [1] could have a report function, and admins/peers could remove them.   

       I never intended to prune anti-Pistachio Roulette comments, just to keep the page readable. Which regretably, I've now failed miserably at... Time out, a beer, and perhaps a peanut this time...   

       [1] this board/community/blah
liamdelahunty, Mar 02 2003

       First-person is not an issue. I think the fish are probably because counting miniscule things is just taken as boring and tedious.
RayfordSteele, Mar 02 2003

       On the other hand, now and then an idea comes along, the disdain for which seems strangely inappropriate. It seems rather innocuous to me.
waugsqueke, Mar 02 2003

       Pass the swiss cheese, please. Quite a few annotations disappeared, waugs. snarfguy yawned, Gulherme suggested the author get checked for o.c.d. - I explained what prompted THAT to the ever-excitable TSwitch, UnaBubba explained why he offered a fishy treat - twice - and I guess a few 'bakers replied to my first anno, as well as the explanatory anno to the first anno which remains.
The *idea* of playing a drinking game such as this when I was young and stupid is so beyond innocuous, it's boring. I've got a canister of peanuts - reensure'd rather play this for cashews - whoop-tee-doo - it's still the most mindnumbingly dull, dull, dull drinking game I've ever seen.
thumbwax, Mar 02 2003

       It is not specifically a drinking game, but one can turn this pleasant diversion into one.
liamdelahunty, Mar 03 2003

       Aside from all the arguments here, it seems to me that this wouldn't work anyway. I can tell the difference between a shell-less nut, and empty shell, and a normal pistach by feel. So, an alternative Nut Roulette (only playable by English people who have peanut allergies): Use a pack of Revels.   

       Sorry, I know that's old.
sild, Mar 03 2003

       Despite the childish nonsense going on over the HB etiquette, I am voting purely on the basis of my opinion of this idea. No hints as to how I'm voting, either. Everyone else, please take note.
XSarenkaX, Mar 07 2003

       Take note of what?
waugsqueke, Mar 07 2003

       of my "voting purely on the basis of my opinion of this idea".
XSarenkaX, Mar 10 2003


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