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Ice packs for noses.
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On several occaisions I have suffered the pain of bruising my nose, but it was only when I (finally) broke my nose on Wednesday that I though about how tough it would be trying to type up an essay (or do work, surf the net, etc) and hold an icepack to your nose to stop it from throbbing.

How about a specially designed icepack for noses? I am thinking along the lines of a head harness like the ones inside safety helmets, with a spot where there's a miniature ice-pack, where your nose goes.

Of course, you'd look rather silly, but it's better looking a dag than having a sore and swollen nose the next day.

froglet, Oct 01 2005

A thingy for the nosey. https://www.amazon....erapy/dp/B07N13PMJ9
[whatrock, Jan 05 2023]



       <---- linky
whatrock, Jan 05 2023

       //Of course, you'd look rather silly,// Strangely prescient
pocmloc, Jan 05 2023

       Love how the models are laughing. They're not smiling because they love it so much, they know how goofy they look.
doctorremulac3, Jan 05 2023

       I wonder where [froglet] is now; maybe they have tadpoles of their own.
pertinax, Jan 06 2023


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