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Fortify beverage alcohol with vitamins and other nutrients.
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Nutribooze involves the fortification of beverage alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) with vitamins and other nutrients.

Beverage alcohol is infamous for "empty calories". By adding vitamins and other nutrients, we will have not only a new nutritious fun food, but also a breakthrough in the battle against malnutrition and ennui.

Let them drink nutribooze!

yomarkos, Jul 04 2000

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..has arrived [skinflaps, Feb 07 2008]


       I thought that this was the case already. Can it be that my whole life has been a lie?
DrBob, Jul 04 2000

       There are a few redeeming qualities to booze. As someone has already pointed out, recent studies have been used to claim that a drink/day actually is beneficial for the heart.   

       Also, the sediment in the bottom of unfiltered beers is said to contain B-12, which many micro & home brewers claim can prevent (or reduce) hangovers. I can say that i drink microbrews (or my own homebrew) almost exclusively, and don't get hangovers.
johan, Jul 06 2000

       There is a a 'hangover cure' type drink in the UK called Red Bull which is full of vitamins and glucose (like a pumped up gatorade) as well as a good slug of caffeine (like about as much as a jolt cola). There is a current trend for drinking double vodka with red bull in London - a sort of symptom and cure at the same time kind of drink. Have to say it's really quite nice.......... Also, you'd have to say that given how good bananas are for you (pottassium (helps prevent prostate cance r in men), b vitamins, vit C, minerals, plus easily convertible energy), that a fresh banana daiquiri has got to be as close to 'Nutribooze' as you can get. They also taste great!
goff, Jul 07 2000

       The vitamins would be too richly flavoured for the Pabst, Bud, and Miller you're drinking. You don't want to ruin a nice, bland beer, do you?
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       Most people who drink alcohol also eat food, and the calories they replace from food with beer aren't the majority of their diet. HOWEVER, this changes for alcoholics. Often they are deficient in the amino acid thiamine, as well as a variety of vitamins. It would likely help these folks out alot, except that often they only get medical attention when something traumatic happens to them, they break the law, or their deficiencies make them sick enough to visit the ER. Also, they are the least likely to fork out more money for an enriched morning buzz. Just alternate shots and carrot juice, the rest of ya!
djanaba, Jun 15 2001

       Aparently you are unaware of the fact that in the past, especially medieval times that ale was a main part of the diet. As a source of nutrients a gallon of ale was easily consumed in a day. Benefits are only found in dark ales though (sorry, not miller lite). Also there is a new brew on the market called Hard E. The FDA objected to the original name Hard Energy because it made the drink sound like an alcoholic gatorade, which it essentially is.
guysmiley, Jan 02 2002

       Marmite is made from the residue from brewing beer, and is incredibly nutritious, packed with vitamins. It also tastes like your worst nightmare, but that's because it's good for you.
pottedstu, Jan 04 2002

       In a word, homebrew. The buzz is wonderful, and the hangover quotient is much lower than commercial brew, probably because fewer of the nutrients are filtered out.
normzone, Mar 25 2005

       My home-stilled rum is full of goodness. And anyway, doesn't a bloody mary come pretty close to this?
Custardguts, Feb 07 2008


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