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Registered Alcohol Savings Plan

invest in your future libations
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Many parents have the foresight to invest in a registered education savings plan in order to pay for their child's university education. But not many take into account the vast sums of money students fork over for a good time on the weekends (which at most universities stretches from noon Wednesday until dawn Monday morning). Have you ever tried to add up how much you drank during college or university?

With a RASP (registered alcohol savings play) you are able to stash away money a little at a time for that Friday night in the future when one more tequila seems like a good idea.

Beefcake, Mar 26 2004

A more comprehensive approach... Mid-Life_20Crisis_20Savings_20Plan
[phundug, Jan 03 2005]

Worldwide tequila shortage http://www.goodtast...ges/tequila169.html
[normzone, Jan 04 2005]


       Tequila? Ha. That'll probably be worth less in 15 years. Whisky and red wine - that's where the money's at.
Worldgineer, Mar 26 2004

       I barely remeber college, but the one thing I do is that I had to scape and pinch for every penny so I could get a 40 on Friday night. It would have been great to fall back on a real slush fund that granny left behind.
miesterbuern, Mar 26 2004

       One of several reasons that wealthy families are wealthy is that they do not invest in RASP funds. But if an underlying aspect of the idea is to redistribute wealth away from stupid people, then I'm all for it.
Mungo, Mar 26 2004

       Would work fine in a monastery, too ( for the novices, at least, as these can have property ). I remember these secret drinking parties in the cellars & crypts of some French monastery, for which we had to scrape together every half liter of wine....   

       Once the monk proceeds to his solemn profession of vows - and is giving up all of his property - he can re-invest the ( remainders of the ) RASP in a MASH ( Monastic Alcohol Savings Holding ).
benedictinemonk, Jan 03 2005

       Actually, [Worldgineer], with the worldwide tequila shortage, an investment in cactus [aloe] futures would have been a great idea.
normzone, Jan 04 2005


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