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Odorless Bathroom

Keep it close. Why spread it around?
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This is very simple. Why are most exhaust fans placed in the middle of the bathroom ceiling? As we all know the normal molecular dispersion rate is inversely proportional to the square root of the mass of the molecules. Exhaust fans override this. You turn on the fan and offending odors are pulled across the room in seconds.

Why not just place the exhaust fan directly behind the porcelain fixture where the offending odors originate? Rather than spreading the odiferous gas throughout the room and then being required to cycle the whole volume of air from the room before the next occupant can safely enter. By simply placing the fan where it is needed the odor is directly and quickly pulled from the room while it is still concentrated directly in front of the exhaust fan.

Ozone, Apr 19 2008

Another idea for all you toilet fans Toilet_20Vent
Unfortunately, it also has no Czech river. [Amos Kito, Apr 20 2008]

a pun-gent Oder http://en.wikipedia...ki/Oder-Neisse_line
[pertinax, Apr 20 2008]


       why behind ? why not *in* said odiferous fixture.
FlyingToaster, Apr 19 2008

       Building regs insist on bathroom extractors to prevent damp, not bad smells. Having said that, it's still not a bad idea.   

       Sp: odour
wagster, Apr 19 2008

       Sp.: Odour, odourless.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 19 2008

       O, der humanity!
jurist, Apr 20 2008

       Oh dear.   

       Ode to Less Bathroom.   

       Oh bathroom, so large you are,
I wish, I wish you were less capacious.
I enter in and feel belittled,
Can we reduce the square footage?
Your goliath tiles... etc. etc,
wagster, Apr 20 2008

       //Oderless// That'd be much Neisser. {ducks}
pertinax, Apr 20 2008

       I never really understood why a room without a bath should be called a bathroom.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 20 2008

       Yes [IT], but apart from farting in the bath, is the room really so olefactarily offensive that it needs a fan specifically to remove odours?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 20 2008

       Ah! Fixer. Now that *does* stink.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 20 2008

       Wasn't this already flushed out in all the other bath fan ideas?   

       The design is more demanding, since each fan needs separate ductwork (so air is always pulled from the room, not recycled through the other vent), and 3 switches, upper fan, lower fan, and light.   

       You'll have to first be sure the upper fan is off, turn on the lower fan, and then you do your business. If you forget to turn on the lower fan in its sequence, or the fan is broken, or the room has no such fan, all is naught. You must then wait until the moment it's again operating properly.
Amos Kito, Apr 20 2008

       // That'd be much Neisser. //   

       Your annotations seem somewhat more Polished of late .....   

       As to the fan, why not have an outlet high in the wall, and a duct reaching down behind the pedestal, with a simple changeover flap valve ?
8th of 7, Apr 20 2008

       The first sanitary engineer got a nightmare that he suffered diarrhea: just before he could sit, he squirt the thing out to the exhaust fan [Ozone] suggested. Continuing—he suddenly felt solar radiation through the ceiling, as the ozone layer above was thinning out!
rotary, Apr 22 2008

       Am I going crazy or does [rotary]'s post almost make sense?   

       As for the idea, I like it. It could be a secondary fan which comes with the toilet and requires no extra installation. How? Well, the fan switches on automatically when the toilet lid (not seat, you may want to include an option to not switch on when the seat is up, or not) is raised, ending the age-old problem of leaving the seat up or creating a new problem of leaving the fan on, perhaps it could be a weight sensor instead.   

       Anyway, I digress. The fan sucks air from the immediate area surrounding your nethers and blows it down (or up, depending on which country you live in) the sewer pipe after the U-bend. Of course, the fan outlet would need to close when not blowing to prevent whiffs from wafting into the room from the sewer pipe.
marklar, Apr 22 2008

       //Am I going crazy or does [rotary]'s post almost make sense//
Just be grateful s/he didn't propose that the fan be powered by a revolutionary type of engine, capable of blowing not only the odour away, but also its source.
coprocephalous, Apr 22 2008

       Both of you, [marklar] & [coprocephalous], should think out of the box instead of tracking my fart. Awww! Sorry for trailing you too! Oh, my! I’m an engineer, not a haunter! Got to think out of the box fast… thinking… wait… let me mull over a tad… confirming… establishing… oh! Here it is:   

       An empty water reservoir at your back!   

       A high pressure water line!   

       A nozzle!   

       A venturi!   

       A spray tower!   

       No fan!   

       A bowel acoustic masking effect!   


       Thanks, Wiki... You’re my best!
rotary, Apr 22 2008

       Hmmmmm, hope my being an engineer is still intact, right? I'm too afraid to be a boorish editor, my dear......
rotary, Apr 22 2008

       /directly behind/ Behind? Right inside the bowl!
bungston, Dec 15 2010

       //Max, they could also be spelled 'odor' and 'odorless'. — 21 Quest, Apr 19 2008//   

       Apologies for the delayed reply. I got sidetracked by 2009.   

       The could, and yet they are not.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 15 2010

       Air is able to flow between the cistern and the bowl of a toilet, via the overflow pipe. An extractor fan fitted to the cistern therefore draws fumes out of the bowl; which is not my idea, and has been baked.
spidermother, Dec 16 2010


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