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On-the-fly deposit envelopes

Get printed and dispensed JIT.
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ATM deposit envelopes are a joke. The typical dispenser is some sort of horrid thing which attempts to allow the removal of one at a time, while in fact nearly preventing the removal of any. This, of course, is when there are actually any envelopes in the dispenser to begin with.

All too often, there are none. This is so often the case that, whenever I find an ATM freshly loaded with envelopes, I spend ten minutes yanking out a couple dozen to keep in my glove box, much to the chagrin of the person behind me.

Anyway, enough whining. Get rid of the dispenser thing altogether. We don't need envelopes unless we're depositing something, so I want the ATM to spit me out an envelope when, and only when, I have selected "deposit' on its menu.

It can wait until I've selected to which account and the amount of the deposit, then it will print these details (and whatever else it needs, eg account number, etc) on the envelope just before it slides it out. I put in my stuff, seal it, and slide it back in.

Thus, there are always envelopes whenever needed, I won't need to keep them in my car, and the person waiting behind me will be much happier.

This will all become moot, of course, with the prevalence of no-envelope deposit ATMs in the near future. But let's do this in the meantime.

waugsqueke, Apr 05 2005


salachair, Apr 05 2005

       I miss the pneumatic tubes of old. Anyway, [+]
contracts, Apr 05 2005

       <medieval UK peasant> So you mean in America you can pay cash *in* to an ATM as well as take it out? This I have to see.</mUp>
wagster, Apr 05 2005

       Good stuff, but I still don't see why you'd want fly deposits on your envelope.   

       Although I've not ever used an ATM for deposits, or anything, really, I recognize this as a good idea.   

       Also, maybe "on-demand" is better than "on-the-fly" as a description?
bristolz, Apr 05 2005

       [wagster], you can do it in the UK as well, you know!
salachair, Apr 05 2005

       <nips around to the local Natwest> laughs <nips back from the local Natwest>
skinflaps, Apr 05 2005

       Good thinking. <deposits flattened croissant>
Shz, Apr 05 2005

       "I spend ten minutes ... "
That's what I'm talking about!
reensure, Apr 05 2005

       [salachair] - I know you can do it by the cashpoint in banks, but on the high street?
wagster, Apr 05 2005

       This would also save banks money in that they don't have to worry about having a staff member check the envelope storage, nor do they have to figure out ways to keep it clean and dry.   

shapu, Apr 05 2005

       // Also, maybe "on-demand" is better than "on-the-fly" as a description? //   

       Insofar as a better description is a worthwhile goal. Don't matter really. I wanted to call it JIT envelopes but that looks silly, so I stuck it in the summary line.   

       You should go check out an ATM just to see how much the envelope dispensers extraordinarily suck.
waugsqueke, Apr 05 2005

       ATM deposit transactions are the most expensive types of transactions for banks to process, hence the strategy to make it as difficult as possible. In a previous career I had quite a bit to do with this whole area - you'd be surprised at how much Monopoly Money is deposited into accounts through ATMs!.. and how expensive it is to maintain the integrity of this very minor transaction channel. Banks hate it.
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 05 2005

       And yet they keep reducing their in-person facilities.   

       Yeah, "JIT" is probably even better.
bristolz, Apr 06 2005

       A nice shirt with tear-off envelopes would be handy, but hard to reach in the winter.   

       How about a bank arcade, with paper airplane envelopes? If you fly the plane into the center hole, free checking. Miss all the holes, your money is used to fund therapy for clowns in rehab.
moPuddin, Apr 06 2005

       I'm sorry, my love, and baking/banking soul mate, but I get a wee bit of pleasure, stealing stacks of envelopes, and then watching you, watch me, placing them in your console hiding place, in your car.   

       Afterwards, when disembarking from the auto, I wait till your not looking, and stash them all in my bag. I have caches of them, you just don't know where to look.   

       I enjoy the thrill of not only stealing all the envelopes, but the frustrated look on your face, when we drive up on a warm, sunny day, and lo and behold, there are no damm envelopes. Well there are, but they are hidden in my glove box, in my car, at home.   

       Sorry, it's just me. You know when someone gets so fixated on a little thing, like a bank envelope, and the way it can turn a great day into hell in a handbasket, in less than a moment.   

       But then magically, much to your surprise, your girlie demurely slips her hand into her pocket book, and pulls out an envelope, a virgin envelope. Untouched, not even wrinkled, and says in her sort of sexy breathless way..."You lookin for one of these big guy, per chance?"   

       Well it used to be fun.
blissmiss, Apr 06 2005

       // I miss the pneumatic tubes of old. // Don't banks still have those where you are? I love them, but they aren't staffed when I have an urgent pecuniary need.
Acme, Apr 06 2005

       [wags], yep, you can do it at on-the-street ATMs as well as the ones inside. Abbey National lets you do this.
salachair, Apr 06 2005

       This is baked in South Africa. The ATM gives you a deposit envelope when you ask to make a deposit. Wow, for once us South Africans are ahead of the rest of the world - amazing!
Flux, Apr 06 2005

       Partially baked in the states, too.. Several of the machines I use regularly dispense an envelope.   

       I have never seen one that printed info on the envelope prior to dispensing, though, and it would be a good feature.   

       I deposit checks this way, but not cash. These envelopes don't have any fill-in spots or verbage requesting you write anything. Considering how often something is wrong with the receipt printer on ATMs, it is hard to trust the envelope tagger either.
SpookyFish, Apr 06 2005

       [bliss] applause
po, Apr 06 2005

       She's exactly right. That explains a lot, actually.   

       Glad this is being done and some locations, though by the votes, clearly not enough. Like I said, though, soon to be a non-issue, as scanner-like & envelope-less deposit systems are starting to sprout up around various parts. One can just slide in the bills and checks and they get scanned and counted (hm, may be a potential market for my Bill Press).
waugsqueke, Apr 07 2005


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