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Shower hat

Got this idea in the shower, go figure.
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This idea is not intended to promote cleanliness so much as improve ones faculty of thinking. The story is this, while taking a shower today it occurred to me that the great feats of intuition that occur whilst showering may not in actual fact be caused by the warm soothing flow of water over the body but by the constant pummeling of water drops against the back of the head, in much the same way that head trauma has been known to cause such leaps of understanding.

By the way the above may be complete crap. It was after all not arrived at by logic but the random bludgeoning of my head while in the shower by the shower.

Any ways, on to the idea. Construct a thinking cap that fits comfortably on the head, the inside of which is covered with thousands of piezoelectric devices to simulate the random and incessant pummeling of water drops to the head. The inefficiency of the devices will cause them to warm up, simulating a warm or hot shower. The net result will be as if wearing a shower on ones head, minus the water, so as to stimulate cognitive thinking and make this beneficial activity portable. They might possibly be fine tuned to their owners head so as to stimulate only certain trains of thought such as, cold hard logic, pleasant memories or uh...other kinds of thought.

Spaceman Spiff, Apr 23 2009


       If a shower led to the invention of the simulated shower, what might the simulated shower lead to?
loonquawl, Apr 23 2009

       Retrophrenology, anyone ? [+]
batou, Apr 23 2009

       Hey! Who's bone is that? You should read the instructions to your hat. It warns users that improper tuning leads to negative thoughts like smelly dead fish, instead of light buttery flaky positive thoughts.
Spaceman Spiff, Apr 24 2009

       then again this might just be a Sharper Image.
WcW, Apr 24 2009

       Buttry, flaxy bun from me for beauty in composition. More like this, please.
bungston, Apr 24 2009

       neatish idea, but I thought it was a shower cap with a hose attached; the water would stream out from under, inundating the body, saving water... and you could take a "shower" in the kitchen standing in a bucket if the bathroom was occupied.
FlyingToaster, Apr 25 2009


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