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mobile dance/maker/tech-refurbishing space
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This is a distributed mobile dance club consisting of a twitter account, an iphone with one long dance song list, (and a person responsible for it), a collection of bluetooth-enabled refurbished donated audio speakers, and a calendar of times and locations, listing events in targeted neighborhoods where the assembled members gather at a predetermined time, hold a distributed dance party / excersize festival with the bluetooth connected sound system, hand out free refurbished speakers to interested parties, and offer free refurbishing classes in hacking together audio speakers and bluetooth receivers (or whatever technology makes it possible to connect wirelessly to audio speakers). The dance party could be an outreach to spark interest in a tech-refurbishing maker space to be set up in a local rec center, library or school where volunteers teach refurbishing and making skills starting with old sound equipment.
JesusHChrist, Jan 29 2013


       Great idea! Give me a minute to get my Marantz receiver out of the storage locker and hook up the JBL speakers. I hope my Dual turntable still works... (where's my Radio Shack Flavoradio?)
Canuck, Jan 29 2013


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