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Pantographic smartphone shoes

Or how to impress on the dancefloor with this hardly visible apparatus
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Whilst talking to someone who is taking dancing lessons, I thought possibly the best solution would be shoes that have a slot to put smartphones in. The smartphone could be programmed to follow the steps and beep when the foot is in the right place and/or orientation.

Aha, I hear you say, but that GPS resolution is a bit on the flakey side. Und zo the backpack based pantography mechanism is used. Levers connect to the shoes and the smartphones are on the other end of the levers.

When the shoe is moved, the pantograph multiplies the movement 10 fold, so bypassing the crappy GPS resolution.

Hence the backpack with perspex upper levers, barely visible in the poor light of most dancing environments. Not suitable for dancing with partners who are more than 6' 6", or people with a pathological fear of decapitation....

not_morrison_rm, Dec 05 2011

haptic feedback learning haptic_20feedback_20learning
similar technology applied to sports [metarinka, Dec 07 2011]


       I recommend only using one of these per 2 square mile radius.
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2011

       //per 2 square mile radius//   

       damn, those levers are going to have to be a little bit longer than I anticipated for the more intricate tango steps...   

       Hang on <pedantry alert> can you have a radius of two square miles? </pedant>
not_morrison_rm, Dec 05 2011

       Sure, if you're dancing in 4 dimensions.
RayfordSteele, Dec 06 2011

       since the 4th dimension is time then technically all dancing is 4th dimensional.   

       unless you dance so fast it's only on planck time scales.
metarinka, Dec 07 2011

       and as mentioned this would be soo much easier with accelorometers instead of pantographs.   

       This would actually be another application of the haptic feedback device I proposed.
metarinka, Dec 07 2011

       //soo much easier with accelorometers//   

       1) But where would the fun be in that? 2) Ok, I didn't think of it.   

       Considering a variation on an accelerometer based system, with a backpack difference engine powered by those dancing feet, suitable for survivalists who want an EMP proof version.   

       And a double-up system for training Lipizzaner horses..watch those hooves go as Riverdance gets uploaded by mistake...
not_morrison_rm, Dec 07 2011


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