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Rent-a-Greek Chorus

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I've always thought that it would be kind of cool to be able to rent a group of singers for the day, who would function as sort of a greek chorus, giving advice, backing up your statements, answering questions...all done in song. I know that this is not the traditional function of a greek chorus, but you get the idea.
defacto, Nov 14 2002

Your own dancers http://www.halfbake...our_20own_20dancers
Here's the modern-day pop-music version [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       anyone seen the episode of scrubs where the main guy is followed by the dude with the acoustic guitar until that dude from platoon breaks it. i want that guy with me for a day. and i want to be good at remembering names.
sambwiches, Jan 29 2003

       i'd also like to have justin timberlake follow me for a day, and go sky-diving. Oh yeah, and switch his parachute for laundry.
sambwiches, Jan 29 2003

       Sambwiches, the "guy with the guitar" is Colin Hay. Since I just happen to have the Scrubs sountrack sitting on my desk. :)
Tabbyclaw, Apr 02 2003


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