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Sewn-In Layered 'Yoof' Pants

For the ubiquitous beltless 'yoof' of today.
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These trousers look like a pair of baggy pants with the hem clinging desperately to the hips, lower than gravity should physically allow without falling down. Acting without science's consent they appear to be milliseconds away from dropping to the ground whilst miraculously staying half-up, presumably relying on the faint static electricity formed between it and the visible underpants beneath.

"Ah, but this just sounds like the norm these days," I hear you mutter. No sirree. These trousers have the underpants sewn-in to the inside of the trouser, and the top of the underpants have belt hoops. This way the wearer can still retain that streetwise, baggy pant- showing hipness and never be too worried about the otherwise inevitable embarrassment of looking like a fool... When they fall down, you understand.

This will also allow them to play basketball or football without clinging to their trousers, whilst simultaneously baffling any onlooking scientists.

Actual underpants are worn underneath the faux ones.

<see 4th and 5th links for illustrations>

theleopard, Apr 16 2007

The layered sewn-in look http://nascar.image...es/p2924479t130.jpg
Similar technology [theleopard, Apr 16 2007]

Super Baggy Trousers 2 Super_20Baggy_20Trousers_202
Slight improvement on [Vernon]'s idea. [theleopard, Apr 16 2007]

Mock Thong Mock_20Thong
[hippo, Apr 17 2007]

The design http://i34.tinypic.com/plidu.jpg
With labels! I rule! [theleopard, Apr 24 2007, last modified Oct 02 2009]

In action... http://i37.tinypic.com/rhsxp5.jpg
...baffling scientists. [theleopard, Apr 24 2007, last modified Oct 02 2009]


       I worry that these will start a sort of 'arms race' of baggy pants and will be worn so that the waistband of the sewn-in underwear is at mid-buttock height (revealing the real underwear) and the touser waistband somewhere around the top of the thigh. This will then lead to a sort of recursive explosion of trousers with ever more pairs of underpants sewn inside until people are walking around with their trouser waistbands around their ankles and their legs entirely covered in multiple, nested underpants.
hippo, Apr 16 2007

       I was trying to figure this out the other day - what is it about wearing your pants so low, that they're practically falling off? There's an internal logic to all fashion, even if it is stupid. And this one particularly.   

       Then I thought it might be something to do with being able to grasp your genitals as quickly as possible (or perhaps as an invitation for other people to do so) Is that what it's all about?
zen_tom, Apr 16 2007

       No one knows [Tom]. One thing is for certain, it makes life harder on them. It's a constant discomfort and is impractical to absurd extremes. Pockets are further away, and rendered useless as the extra weight will pull them down. Mobility is hindered. You only ever have one hand free, with the other holding them up. You look like a spaz. The legs get muddied. It hides your Reeboks. Jumping is out of the question, as is running from the fuzz. You look like a spaz.   

       With these trousers, you just look like a spaz without the impracticality.
theleopard, Apr 16 2007

       //'arms race' of baggy pants//   

       Nicely mixed metaphor, [hippo]. :)
pertinax, Apr 16 2007

       //what is it about wearing your pants so low, that they're practically falling off?//   

       Didn't the 'pants around the knees' thing stem from the 'really baggy pants' thing? The really baggy pants were initially made popular by thugs and criminals that used them to conceal weapons and other contraband. After that everything just got silly regarding trousers.
Noexit, Apr 16 2007

       I heard that the "beltless" look derived from prisoners having their belts and shoelaces taken by the guards. Guys wanted to look fresh out of jail, or maybe avoid losing their best belt if they got arrested.   

       As for the idea, I'd say you'd have to put a layer of "underwear" over whatever support you make, so as to give the authentic bunched up look.
baconbrain, Apr 16 2007

       Nice idea [bacon], and not only would it give the bunched up look but it would cover the belt in the undies underneath, completing the illusion.
theleopard, Apr 17 2007

       The cops won't like this one if it catches on. They enjoy a great advantage when they are chasing some street punk and his pants are falling off.   

       As a result I am voting FOR the idea.
cwg, Apr 18 2007

       Phone call for [theleopard] from Amy Heckerling, she wants her prop gag back.
BunsenHoneydew, Apr 22 2007

       I was bored at work during lunch so I sat in the sunshine and drew my design. After lots of fun with Photoshop later, I came up with this... [linky]
theleopard, Apr 24 2007

       Nice illustration.   

       I'm utterly unqualified to talk about fashion, but I read the driving principle behind this style as: "I am independent and strong, as demonstrated by my lack of a need to impress you or 'straight' society in general. My clothes are ill-fitting because I do not care what I look like."   

       So, just-out-of-bed hair, frayed jeans, stone-washed jeans, t-shirts worn with seams on the outside, sneakers with long shoe strings flapping, all kinds of mis-fits are part of that same continuum of ostentatious slouchiness. (Of course, the more fashion proclaims not to care, the more it has to be the *right* kind of not caring. So, make sure the underpants sticking out are an expensive brand, and stick out the right amount.)
jutta, Apr 24 2007

       Cheers [jutta]. Will do.   

       Indeed, there's certainly scope to have the design incorporate replaceable 'faux' underpants for the more showy of today's yoof who, obviously, don't give a monkeys about fashion. Honest.
theleopard, Apr 24 2007

       I vote to market these in every Walmart, so that the entire 'my pants are falling off my hips' will itself fall off of being 'hip' from, um, overexposure. Anything to make this trend go away.
RayfordSteele, Jun 20 2007


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