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Paper AOL disc; Rapper Rights Channel

Those lawyer ads at the phone book could be diffraction grating CDs just like AOL CDs
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Friendly socially beneficial version

As fas as I can discern AOL disc type advertising could be done with diffraction holograms printed on paper of the same thickness as those coverstock lawyer ads at the phonebook

I'm pretty sure anything with a memory could make sufficient passes on a paper CD to read it

Thus the concerned person just grabs the ad, puts the paper diffractive disk at their player then listens to what the lawyer tells them to do

Likewise there could be a Rapper with an album with an entire channel full of ACLU type material on just one of their iPod vid songs, the detainee would just say to the officer Your asking me questions Gotta play my MC McLaw tune first before I will speak

What if Eminim had a song that was typical to genre but the video or maybe just one of the stereo channels was ACLU legal advice It would have made a super version of Weird Als White n Nerdy because it implies competence at a high performance street cred situation

Eminimem actually made a video urging people to vote a song with a legal channel goes well with that

kind of like

stereo channel A "Drivin in my car lookin for a bar, lookin for a bar where they won't card me" stereo channel B "Have you been accused of Drunk Driving Know your rights 1) Refuse the breathalyzer 2) There is no off the record: refuse to reply to questions like "why were you weaving" 3) You may be on legal medication that affects your reflexes such as benedryl ask the office to note this at the scene 7) consider calling Briefy La Wyer for your legal defense

then the slightly more knowledgeable person is able to respond to the situation I'm opposed to driving with impaired reflexes but you get the idea

NB: I don't know how to drive

beanangel, Feb 17 2009


FlyingToaster, Feb 17 2009


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