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Other category idea mover

A way for any halfbaker to move any idea from the "Other" root category
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to its correct place. There always is one...
pashute, May 18 2008


       I wouldn't trust most 'bakers to make a good choice. Maybe a tag for the admins? Or do the admins already look at every new idea?
phoenix, May 18 2008

       Maybe only 2+ year bakers could have this ability (since they probably know the place well enough by then)
phundug, May 19 2008

       [Marked-for-Suggestion] halfbakery: category
po, May 19 2008

       The moderators periodically clean out Other: General. They have the avantage of being very familiar with the category system. I looked; it's not that full right now. Trying to make everything in a semi-public place be correct and in the right place is a tricky proposition.
jutta, May 19 2008


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