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Parenting Meds

Them parents is getting them docs to prescribe them kids'' that Ritalin We use this same prosocial urge to guide better parenting.
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I once read that the hip and happening affluent suburb of Decataur Georgia had [b]more than 90 pt of the kids at a particular school on Ritalin[/b] during the 20th century. That strongly suggests that parents sometimes go rather far, rather rather rather far when getting their kids to behave n achieve.

We know they mean well thus Parenting Meds

Visualization at link

The kind of parents that put their kids on Ritalin will like being on Parenting medication that makes them more effective parents.

Physicians would coprescribe to the parents when prescribing to the kids, the parenting medication could be communication as well as participation empowered.

The medication would be like a circle or row of sequence pills taken each day. The core pill would be something generally mild yet effective like oxiracetam or aniracetam (adaptogenic nootropics) then right with the core pill would be the suggested activity pill like centrophenoxine (clever at cognitive tasks nootropic) or deprenyl (clever plus alert plus longevity) or an MDMA like entheogen chemical (appreciate every human marvelously).

Parents would remember that they were cleverer on centrophenoxine thus the planned activity would be to ask the kid about their homework.

Parents would notice that they were cleverer plus perhaps slightly "jangly" on deprenyl thus would focus on the idea of using their personal will to be considerate of others notably their child plus perhaps be slightly livelier as a companion.

The MDMA like pill would widen their idea of what the child parent relationship might be, that emotional quality matters, that their kids are radiantly Right with them.

Parents going on this sequence of pills to benefit their children would as it happens also become aware of nootropics, longevity drugs, as well as empathogens as ways of living on purpose.

People are lazy about their own things but will go to great lengths to benefit their kids, a truly beneficial parent medication as a companion to any child behavioral psychiatric medication is popular plus creates better parenting.

The pill sequence is also just a huge reminder to practice beneficial parenting behaviors

beanangel, Jun 22 2010

Parenting Meds http://biology.wsc..../Parenting_meds.PNG
[beanangel, Jun 22 2010]


       I like it, but I think the reason for kids on Ritalin has more to do with parents not being able to say no to doctors or the ADD hype. So maybe the parenting pill should include some kind of drug to instill a slight bit of doubt in parents. This drug should be added to the parenting regiment after the children have already gotten their vaccines though.
DIYMatt, Jun 23 2010

       I say give 'em all marijuana.
DrWorm, Jun 23 2010

blissmiss, Jun 23 2010


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