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Public research lab

A publicly owned company that facilitates lab experiments by and for the public
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Before the experiment starts experts are called in to review the intended experiment and then to follow the analysis and conclusions.

For example, I just met a (probably impostor) MD who showed me a video of a simple experiment done with intravenous Ozone therapy on chicken hearts. It should be very simple and cheap to reproduce, and the results, if as he claims, should easily prove, or more likely disprove his point.

There's also an explanation of how it works and what the Ozone does during this experiment (to the red blood cells) which could easily be shown and proven. (Even in a high- school lab!)

Hearts from chickens killed for food can be used in this experiment.

Similar experiments can be repeated for the increasing amount of people who believe in the ever more hysterical alternative therapy movement, allowing these people to see for themselves where the hoax lies.

pashute, May 14 2017


       An attached restaurant and fitness center would be a great place to recruit experimental subjects.   

       "The Mac and cheese is very cheap today, but also a violet color."   

       "This is a new treadmill machine we just got in. Mind the knives."
popbottle, May 14 2017

       Sadly, even if this were workable it wouldn't achieve its aim on public perception.   

       The alternative therapy sector has the misguided and charlatans on one side and the misguided and desperate on the other. Part of the narrative is that certain illnesses are created/allowed/desired by the powers that be and that certain therapies are suppressed/ignored by those same groups. Having a government facility test things, when most science is already government funded, would do nothing to that narrative.   

       Its also unworkable. //Hearts from chickens killed for food can be used in this experiment.//   

       Here's your first problem. Cardiac research is tough to do, people in my lab dabble. The standard whole heart experimental set up is the Langendorf perfused heart system. You can't have any old heart from a random bird inexpertly killed minutes or hours ago. Just getting a working heart into your experimental rig takes months of learning for a good, but not directly experienced scientist.   

       So how big is your institute? how many people with how much expensive equipment? Constantly re-tooling and training to hit the nebulous moving goal posts of the alternative contingent.   

       I had the idea a while ago to have a government research establishment. The concept was to offer it as a stable competitive parallel career type to regular research, but have it focus on the reproducibility of published work. I can see a role for replicating a few crucial experiments of some publications, and perhaps detailed extensive extra controls. The idea is to motivate researchers by having the possibility of random selection to this process and to add/remove credibility from certain publications.   

       It still doesn't work though, Even a trained cell biologist, expert at imaging would take a year or more to get into the position to replicate some of my experiments.   

       I think the key is to push public perception in the right direction by attacking a few of the legitimate concerns of the alternative crowd. Positive publication bias in drug trials is a known problem. Drug companies just run a whole load of trials and don't publish the ones where the drug doesn't have the effect they want. Various industries with vested interests are allowed to invest in information/disinformation campaigns to help their cause, e.g. sugar/tobacco/alcohol. While interventions that don't work well are persisted with beyond the point of being reasonable, fluoridated water vitamin supplements.
bs0u0155, May 15 2017


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