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PPL info glasses

Show up people's information on your glasses
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el "People's info glasses" Plain and simple idea:

1- have a crawler bot, iterating everyone's facebook profile pic trough the fb graph api (example for user 123- see link 1) and storing an hash of the face recognition along with the profile id on some DB

2- attach a vufine (see link 2) or any other NTSC/PAL display to your glasses of choice connected to a raspberry or something in ur pocket

3- also attach some camera, and have it making hashes of face recognition of people in front of you and crossing with the data on the DB

4- Show on the display the match results and basic info of that person's profile, and also last posts

5- you may also ad some buttons control and have some fun with it

U probably get the result idea with this steps. A small step for men, a huge step for awkard conversation starting.

enoquefcd, Mar 05 2018

link 1 https://graph.faceb.../picture?width=9999
[enoquefcd, Mar 05 2018]

link 2 https://www.vufine.com/
[enoquefcd, Mar 05 2018]

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       Welcome to the Halfbakery, [enoquefcd]!
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 05 2018

       Yes, welcome.   

       How do you think this would compare with old-fashioned, manual stalking?   

       A man with a raspberry in his pocket says to someone, "Hello, you must be [their name]".   

       ... Better, I think, because the absence of premeditation would reduce the tension.   

pertinax, Mar 06 2018

       "Wow - that's an unusual name. Why did your parents call you 404?"
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2018


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