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Power Sleeve

A sleeve of great power.
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This is really about a coat, but the coat is only necessary for wielding such sleeves as the ones eventually to be described. First of all it should be mentioned that these sleeves are everything that can be imagined of sleeves.

However, Power Sleeves unlike other sleeves are spring loaded tunnels for launching fists. These sleeves are composed of tight accordion or bellows folds. This is not apparent because fine cloth disguises the outward appearance. These folds are necessary because they keep the sleeves from undergoing compression, but allow for bending. The wearer appears to be in a thick and warm coat.

The operation of Power Sleeves is quite simple. The coat is worn like an ordinary coat, but when it is time the wearer, whose hands are inside the integral gloves, grasps an opposing sleeve and pulls. Pulling draws the hand back inside the sleeve under ratcheting elastic tension. Once completed the sleeve will appear rigid and hollow. By aiming the sleeve and turning one's gloved fist to disengage the ratchet, all the power of Power Sleeve is unsleeved.

rcarty, Jan 30 2013




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