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Portable Inventing Box

Invent things as you run around the streets.
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When you want to run and invent things at the same time enter into the portable box made for inventing things.

Insert your torso into the centre of the box, and look down into it through the clear plexiglass(tm) top. There's plenty of light in there from a flickering bulb powered by the chafing of your thighs. Or possibly from one of the other kinetic energy devices constraining your every movement.

The box is filled with whatever you like, but most commonly magnets and colored strings. In your uncontrollable manic state, of accelerated everything, your fingers deftly assemble things.

rcarty, May 31 2012


       Question: can the box be locked from the outside?
Alterother, May 31 2012

       Sp: Inventin'
ytk, May 31 2012

       I am only astonished at the lack of plus votes, this gets one from me.
Phrontistery, Jun 02 2012

       You're going to invent things from magnets and colored [sic] strings? Have you been consigned to a nursing home?
UnaBubba, Jun 02 2012

       ..or a TT Capsule?
skinflaps, Jun 02 2012

       needs work
sqeaketh the wheel, Jun 02 2012

       ^Agreed. NEJAB.
Alterother, Jun 02 2012


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