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Padded Shower

replace tile with modern material
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Having stumbled into the shower all too often, I think its time to redesign the box. Get rid of that nasty Hard rock Tile . Tile is also so hard to clean, they make special cleaning products for it. So many fabrics/materials made today are water resistant and tougher than leather. (What is it they use for part of the space shuttle?) We should be building nice soft, safe, easy to clean, padded showers already. In my vision the padded walls would even have a removable outer layer for easy cleaning. The outer layer like a shower curtain would come in many decorator colors and designs.
Isayhello2u, Jun 19 2005

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       I'm all for padded walls, and showers. Do I get to take off this tight jacket before I use it?
ye_river_xiv, Oct 16 2006

       (What is it they use for part of the space shuttle?)   

stilgar, Nov 19 2006

       I don't understand the problem with cleaning tiles. Tiles are piss easy to clean, it's the grout (cement between the tiles) that's a bugger to clean. We should invent non-porous grout.   

       As for padded things, I think you're trying to invent a world of dramas for yourself. Perhaps some ultra high density closed cell foam of some sort would help, that way when (not if) the surface is damaged, it's still non-absorbant. But seriously, the reason tiles are so good is because they are so hard and scratch resistant. I don't think you'll be able to get something as durable that is also soft. Perhaps use tiles, with a flexible, non-porous grout (I suggest something like a product we use in mining called SikaFlex), but that have a cushioned backing. Kind of like a low-fatigue surface. So the tiles "give" a little when you step on them, but retain the easy to clean advantages of tiles.
Custardguts, Nov 20 2006

       Just add a pillow and then I wouldn't have to walk from the bed to the shower
rsn10588, Nov 20 2006

       Love it. We need to create a world of drama, other wise it would be shades of gray. Why can't the shower be padded? The walls only have water beating on them, tiles seem like overkill.
AUGGIE, Nov 20 2006


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