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Nonintrusive PDA

A PDA with Input gloves for mouse and keyboard and output glasses
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The Nonintrusive PDA is a means of streamlining the effeciency of a PDA and allowing it to be used for standard typing without bulky folding keyboards or even roll out keypads. The NIPDA is a small device which is worn at the small of the back or in the belt. A wire runs from the device to a simple output in the glasses -- generally no more than a few lines of text and able to be toggled on and off -- and a small limited range radio communicates with the gloves, which have their own power supply in the wristband (if this proves too cumbersome, the gloves may be connected by cable as well.)

Essentially the gloves, when activated by a simple motion such as a clapping of the hands, become an active keyboard, monitoring finger placement and movement and acting AS IF there were a keyboard underneath the user's hands, or rather two half keyboards, one under each hand. The resulting text is then displayed unobtrusively on the glasses one or two lines at a time so as not to obstruct vision.

The benefits of such a device are enormous. A person with sufficient typing skill could simply type as he walked, or rode on the bus, without pulling out a small piece of metal and plastic and without looking away from where he is walking or what he is doing -- if he is a good enough typer he can simply type without the glasses turned on and fix his typos -- or have his secretary and spellcheck software check his typos -- afterwards. He could even type while driving with a free hand, though this is less advisible.

Sand Jack, Dec 22 2001

sciencenews.org: wearable computers (99) http://www.sciencen...9/11_20_99/bob1.htm
Not gloves but one-handed chording keyboards; good sketch of what's currently doable. [jutta, Dec 23 2001]

Acceleration Sensing Glove (Berkeley) http://bsac.eecs.be...racc/fingeracc.html
a.k.a "Virtual Keyboard". [jutta, Dec 23 2001]

Smart Dust (Berkeley) http://robotics.eec.../~pister/SmartDust/
"Glue a dust mote to each of your fingernails. Accelerometers will sense the orientation and motion of each of your fingertips and talk to the computer in your watch." [jutta, Dec 23 2001]


       Yes, wearing data gloves and goggles isn't the least bit intrusive. Hardly anyone would notice.
bristolz, Dec 22 2001

       Hmm...this seems to be a great idea in concept, yet when the injuries start piling up from distracted typers, who will foot the bill?
NeverDie, Dec 22 2001

       What if the PDA gets the clap?
thumbwax, Dec 22 2001


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