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Palm SW

Speech SW/module for PDA ebooks
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Palm/Handspring/WinCE machines make useful e-books, but the %^$&!@ small screens mean you read Stephen King's "DreamCatcher" in itty-bitty gulps.

So how about a module (for Handspring first, please) with a speech synth in it and a headphone jack? Set the palm in your lap while you're driving and listen to audio e-books! It could have several voices (like a Mac) and it could read email digests to me, too.

lancer, Apr 05 2001


       There are vastly more books available as audiobooks (on tape, on CD, ...) than in any e-book format. Why are you looking to exchange a greater selection of books read by real people and playable on anything from a Walkman to a Rio (or even a Visor with the MP3 module) for a handful of books read by a tinny synthesizer voice requiring custom hardware?
egnor, Apr 06 2001

       Well, of course, if you have a Palm that you already carry with you much of the time, it would be nice not to have to also carry a CD or tape player, and the associated discs or tapes.   

       But it will be some time before text/voice conversion software gets close enough to human speech to make this worth doing, and I bet by that time there will be enough RAM in the Palm devices to store an MP3 or similar version of the audio recording.
beauxeault, Apr 06 2001

       IMHO the internet is porn, chat, and a resource for the education of the masses.
pashute, May 01 2006


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