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Optical tracking of PDA to view virtual page

Combine an optical mouse and a pda to allow you to scroll around a larger virtual display.
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Use an optical tracking mechanism ( ie optical mouse sensor - or make a digital camera sensor do double duty ) to let the user view a larger virtual screen using a small PDa or cell phone display. It would be like my grandmother using her magnifying glass to read the newspaper ;) Lift to zoom out!
justinj, Mar 03 2003

(?) Peephole displays http://www.sims.berkeley.edu/~ping/peep/
Ka-Ping Yee's research [JKew, Oct 04 2004]

(?) DEC Itsy http://www.eecs.har...burgen2001_Itsy.pdf
The DEC Itsy uses tipping as a joystick-like control. [mannby, Oct 22 2004]


       baked. not optical, but there is a prototype PDA that allows you to move around a larger screen area by simply moving the PDA.
ironfroggy, Mar 03 2003

       . . . using accelerometers.
bristolz, Mar 03 2003

       Baked in research [link] although unfortunately the paper and videos have been removed pending publication and after a heavy slashdotting.   

       ISTR reading the paper when it was available and it described scrolling and zooming UIs very much as the idea here describes.
JKew, Mar 04 2003

       The above comments are WRT the DEC Itsy, I believe (see link).   

       The idea here is to combine actual motion of the device (not tipping it) with moving a virtual window over a larger virtual document.   

       I like it!
mannby, Oct 22 2004


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