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Pop Up Blocker

Similar to "Fruit Ninja" accurately hit the swarming popup add's close button...
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...if you miss, the popup opens into an annoying add that you have to sit through before you resume the game.

The game shoots a continuous stream of popups for imaginary products and the player sees how quickly he can close them. They pop up from all corners of the screen and the close buttons are located at different locations in the popup window as well requiring deft hand eye coordination.

The products themselves could be of a humorous nature with parodies of many of the products currently being hocked with real popup adds.

An modern update to the classic video game "Shoot the things coming at you" premise. Hone your real life web surfing skills too.

Oh yea, and the video you're trying to watch is a cute kitty or something. Not important because you'd never really see it.

doctorremulac3, Aug 19 2014

realistic internet simulator http://www2.b3ta.co...internet-simulator/
[mitxela, Aug 20 2014]


       "The game shoots a continuous stream of popups for imaginary products..."   

       Alternatively, you could make a profit off of the game by having popups for actual products.
nick_n_uit, Aug 20 2014


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