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Party Camera

A videographer service
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Ever have one of thoes mornings where you wake up after a party and wonder what the hell you did ? Well wonder no more with Party Cam , yes with party cam you'll have your own personal videographer follow you through your evening of alcohol induced amnesia recording every puke soaked moment in digital quality. No more wondering whos number is in your pocket ?, why do I have a black eye ? , whos this person in my bed ? , or why is that person angry at me ?, no just pop in your tape and review. Yes with Party Cam you'll have all the answers to fill in your grey memories. Just call ( 111)-222-3333 to schedule you time with Party Cam.
Mr_Turner, May 03 2006

Much the same Beer_20Camera
...only the videocam is attached to your lapel, rather than in the hands of a stranger. [DrCurry, May 04 2006]

Much the same again Night_20out_20drinking_20Black_20Box
...only it's audio only, and involves GPS tracking. [DrCurry, May 04 2006]


       I'm not always eager to remember what happened at a party. Why not just have a digital voice recorder in your shirt pocket, play it back the next day.
miggavin, May 03 2006

       At least with this service, you'll be one step ahead of those who take great delight in letting you know all the appalling details of your big night. You could even watch some of your finer moments In slow motion!
cromagnon, May 03 2006

       I'll stick with ignorance, I think.
moomintroll, May 03 2006

       I often 'party' to forget!
xandram, May 03 2006

       I though of this after my accident from having too much to drink the other night, I either fell or passed out walking home and face planted in the park and broke my nose....I just wonder which since no one was with me.
Mr_Turner, May 03 2006

       hahah.. I was just thinking I need one of these. What's the numbeer, again?
daseva, May 03 2006

       Baked, and perfectly baked I might add, in the "smack my bitch up" music video clip.
zeno, May 04 2006

       People have suggested this service before, but both times with personal recorders. Putting a videotape of your activities while blacked out in the hands of a stranger sounds extraordinarily risky, methinks: you're giving away blackmail material.   

       P.S. If you're getting blackouts routinely, you really should consider going to Alcoholics Anonymous.
DrCurry, May 04 2006


       If I was a big shot I might worry about black mail but since I'm just Joe Schmoe, no wucking forries.   

Mr_Turner, May 04 2006

       //no one was with me//   

       How do you know?
Shz, May 04 2006

       Mr Turner: Schmoe is your middle name?
DrCurry, May 05 2006

       /Rehab is for quitters/ yes. So are nicorette patches. It's kinda the whole point of the exercise?
david_scothern, May 11 2006

       //Ever have one of thoes mornings where you wake up after a party and wonder what the hell you did //   

       Once, but I've managed to solve the problem wonderfully well by drinking less. Also my friends don't mysteriously need soothing, and I don't wake up with strangers in bed. (In both cases excepting a certain person who shall remain nameless.)
ye_river_xiv, Jul 07 2007


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